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Outdated Pixel Farming 1.5

Grow your pixel farm!!!And other interesting plants!!

  1. Compatibility with Enraged Koala

    -Compatibility with Enraged Koala
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  2. Add Pixel Block

    -Added Pixel Block
  3. Fix great pixel plant

    -fixed freat pixel plant
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  4. Cultivation time

    -Increased 3-fold during the growth of all plants pixel to mod did not seem too cheat.
  5. Removed

    -removed the bandage seed, because I made a new mod, and it is there.
  6. Fix

    -Fix recipies
  7. Add Bandage Seed

    -Added Bandage Seed and plant
    -–°hanged for the growth of all plants. Now small pixel plant grows 2 times faster, normal pixel plant grows at the same rate, a large pixel plant grows 2 times slower, and the plant grows great pixel is 3 times slower.
  8. New farming

    -added new farming