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Penguin Pets 1.3

The Most Evil Creatures in OOOO....WENQ!!

  1. Rule Breaking Package Delivery

    so i guess the forums do not allow exe

    in some ways i get it but mainly i think its dumb....regardless sorry for any spamming this has caused and extra downloads that may happen

    if you have installed w the exe or the previous version of the modpak this is the same no need to re re download unless you wanna increase my numbers lol
  2. oops sorry!!

  3. Requirement fix

    Requirement fix
    Meant to remove requirement
    Have done now Enjoy!!
  4. New Houses And Old Friends

    2 NEW Penguin pets added and they all live in a more suitable house
    ALSO took the dependency out for purchasable pets
  5. crafting menu recipe

    crafting menu recipe fix cause it wasnt spawning in the express store