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Peculiar Planets [DISCONTINUED] v1.0.2 (Glad Giraffe)

Adds high level planets for all biome types.

  1. Peculiar Planets - v1.0.2

    Another small update with a few fixes and tweaks.

    + Added back the atmosphere for alien, toxic, midnight, magma, scorched and volcanic planets since they were removed by accident. Previously visited planets of these biome types will still have no atmosphere, so you'll need to find new ones.
    * Greatly increased the hue scale for garden planets. You should now be able to find garden planets with wacky, zany dirt, grass and tree colors.
    * Greatly increased the hue scale for barren planets...
  2. Peculiar Planets - v1.0.1

    I found two minor issues in my log related to this mod that I forgot to address. Here's a small patch for them.

    * Corrected a few leveling inconsistencies for health and protection with NPCs and monsters on peculiar planets.
    * Fixed the spawn profiles for the garden patch file.
  3. Peculiar Planets - v1.0

    I've scrapped Mysterious Stars in favor of my new mod, Peculiar Planets. It's essentially the same mod with a different execution. Check out the main page for a better idea of what it is. As always, if you're having issues with the mod, post your issue in the discussion section with your log and I'll take a look at it when I have the time.
  4. Mysterious Stars - v1.5.1

    Small bug fix patch:

    * Fixed crash related to oceanfloorms
    * Fixed crash related to inhabited jungle worlds (apex and floran)

    Sorry it took so long to get this patch out! If anything else goes wrong, please post your issue with a copy of your log in the discussion section. If you don't post your log, there isn't much I can do to help and it makes it very difficult to determine what the problem is.

    News about the next update:

    I'm going to be discontinuing Mysterious Stars because I've got...
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  5. Mysterious Stars - v1.5

    For whatever reason, the Download Now button was still making the user download the previous version of the mod (v1.4.4) for Spirited Giraffe. I've re-uploaded the mod and the downloaded should hopefully be fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    * Updated for Pleased Giraffe

    + Inhabited planets, which contain 3 race specific structures (dungeons/villages)
    + Revamped underground with a consistent variety of stone types, increased chance of challenge dungeon gates appearing and an even...
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  6. Mysterious Stars - v1.4.4

    Made two small changes based on feedback.

    - Glass coffee mug was added to the flat white coffee and mochaccino recipes.
    - Planets orbiting mysterious stars now have a new tooltip that says, "Dangerous unknown element present". This should help clear up any confusion related to the new environmental hazard.
  7. Mysterious Stars - v1.4.3

    The new stable update added the teleportation/bookmarking system, so I updated this mod to fix something related to them and I also fixed/changed a few others things too.

    - Added planet bookmark icons for mysterious star planets.
    - Fixed solarium not appearing on magma ocean floors.
    - There was some confusion about getting flat white coffee for the revamped 'A Fair Trade' quest, so I made it possible for players to learn the recipe for it by picking up coffee. Milk will still teach the...
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  8. Mysterious Stars - v1.4.2

    Fixed and changed a couple of things. Hopefully, this is the last time I'll need to patch this mod. I didn't have any problems with it while testing it.

    - Fixed the paint tool and wire tool unlock commands not appearing for new characters.
    - Fixed geometric trees so that they drop wood again.

    - Made it so that upgrading your matter manipulator or unlocking new tech plays a sound effect.
    - Replaced the omni suit upgrade command at S.A.I.L with a quest for the Penguin Bay...
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  9. Mysterious Stars - v1.4.1

    Just fixed a couple of little things.

    - Gave mysterious stars their own satellite type for moons to help make the mod more compatible with others.
    - Fixed tentacle juice not displaying properly on planets from the navigator. It was transparent before, but now it's purple again.
    - Made the omni nano suit gift craftable at a robotic crafting station with 1 impervium, ferozium and cerulium compound.
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  10. Mysterious Stars - v1.4

    Fixes the bug where you would get stuck in FTL when travelling to a planet with a coral cave. I also uploaded the mod to dropbox instead since this site is being silly.