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PBR Starbound Mod V2.1.05

liquids, weapons, tools, armor, instruments, ABC Music, Music Items, add your own music & many more.

  1. PBR Starbound Mod v1.6 (The Vinyl Updade) lol!

    well it's that time again, it's been about 4 days since my last update so here's all the new stuff i have made :D

    I'm only going to upload all the SS in here so you can see the new stuff but all the descriptions and PBR Vinyl Guide will be on the main page.

    PBR Platform 001 SS.png
    PBR Jet Rail PBSS.png
    PBR Jetrail 001 SS.png PBR Jetrail 002 SS.png PBR Jetrail 003 SS.png

    PBR Poster - Rave 001 SS.png PBR Poster - Rave 002 SS.png

    PBR Door 003 PRSS.png PBR Door 003 SS.png ...
  2. PBR Starbound Mod v1.5

    Mining guns have been added
    PBR Miner Gun 1-1 SS.png PBR Miner Gun 1-2 SS.png PBR Miner Gun 1-3 SS.png PBR Miner Gun 2-1 SS.png PBR Miner Gun 3-4 SS.png PBR Miner Gun 3-5 SS.png

    along with 3 posters/wall art 1 is my studios logo & the 2 i was asked to make by Skaggles.
    PBR Poster - PBR Logo 001 SS.png PBR Poster - Skaggles 001 SS.png PBR Poster - Skaggles 002 SS.png

    and there is 2 new swords
    PBR Boardsword 003 SS.png PBR Shortsword 001 SS.png
  3. PBR Starbound Mod

    this version only has added hats as i was asked on steam if i would upload these in my pack today, so i have :D

    PBR Devil Horns 001 SS.png PBR Hat 003 SS.png PBR Wizards Hat 001 SS.png
  4. PBR Starbound Mod v1.4

    more new stuff and all my liquid guns are also included \o/\o/
  5. PBR Starbound v1.3

    i just noticed that the status effects on the clothes was not working in v1.2 so i have now fixed this very sorry to all who have already downloaded v1.2
  6. PBR Starbound Mod v1.2

    here is the Beta v. Furious Koala working version, i have spent the past 3 hours getting everything working with the new Beta v. Furious Koala update if you find anything is not working right please inform me asap and i'll get it sorted as soon as i can.

    ok now i can gets back to making more fun stuff for this mod :D

    all the best
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