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PBR Starbound Mod V2.1.05

liquids, weapons, tools, armor, instruments, ABC Music, Music Items, add your own music & many more.

  1. working link

    link should be working now
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  2. Working again for the most part

    I still have some things to do to have everything working again for this mod but for the most part it is working again, check the overview page for my info :D
  3. fixed Broken PBR Vinyl

    small update as it was brought to my attention that one of the PBR vinyls was not working this is now fix
  4. Sorted the errors and now should be working agin

    hey everyone, here is a fix to get the PBR Starbound mod working again,
    I hope you all have many hours of fun with this again and please give me a shout if you find anything wrong with the mod as i have not had much time to test it out
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  5. Some New Doors, A bow & Signs

    PBR Banana Seed SS.png PBR Banana SS.png PBR Bananas PRSS.png
    PBR Bow 004 SS.png
    PBR Door 004 SS.png PBR Door 005 SS.png PBR Door 004 & 005 PRSS.png
    PBR Humorous Sign - trespassers Will Be Shot SS.png PBR Humorous Sign - trespassers Will Be Prostituted SS.png PBR Humorous Sign - Sharp Edges SS.png PBR Humorous Sign - Run Like Hell SS.png PBR Humorous Sign - Ravers 2 SS.png PBR Humorous Sign - Ravers 1 SS.png PBR Humorous Sign - No Groping 2 SS.png PBR Humorous Sign - No Groping 1 SS.png PBR Humorous Sign - Life Is Not Fair SS.png PBR Humorous Sign - Leg It 2 SS.png PBR Humorous Sign - Leg It 1 SS.png PBR Humorous Sign - Jazz Hands SS.png PBR Humorous Sign - Children At Play SS.png PBR Humorous Sign - Area 51 2 SS.png ...
  6. only a small update

    ok this version is almost the same as v1.9 but dew to the fact that i have started on making the balanced version i had to sort a few thing out 1st in this version, the main things you'll notice will be there is now PBR Ore which will spawn on any new world you go to, in this original version this ore has no real purpose except for fixing tools. plus there are a few new less op tools, but for the time being these are all using the same skin as it's original op version, i will update the pics...
  7. Stackable In Game Crafting Stations, Lava Lamps & Speakers

    PBR Stackable In Game Crafting Stations PRSS.png
    PBR Wooden Crafting Table SS.png PBR Stone Furnace SS.png PBR Robotic Crafting Table SS.png

    PBR Lava Lamps PRSS.png
    PBR Lava Lamp 001 SS.png PBR Lava Lamp 002 SS.png PBR Lava Lamp 003 SS.png PBR Lava Lamp 004 SS.png PBR Lava Lamp 005 SS.png PBR Lava Lamp 006 SS.png PBR Lava Lamp 007 SS.png PBR Lava Lamp 008 SS.png PBR Lava Lamp 009 SS.png PBR Lava Lamp 010 SS.png

    PBR Speaker PRSS.png
    PBR Speaker 001 SS.png PBR Speaker 002 SS.png PBR Speaker 003 SS.png PBR Speaker 004 SS.png PBR Speaker 005 SS.png ...
  8. Beta v. Enraged Koala update

    UIpdated to work with new Beta v. Enraged Koala

    Also i have add the new PBR Holo Projectors
    PBR Holo Projector 001 SS.png PBR Holo Projector 002 SS.png PBR Holo Projector 003 SS.png
    PBR Holo Projector PRSS.png
  9. More Music Items, Instruments & Glitter Lamps

    Like normal I'll just upload the SS of the new items, you can find the details on them in the main page :D

    PBR Decks 002 SS.png PBR Vinyl Deck 001 SS.png

    PBR DJ Mixer 001 SS.png PBR Vinyl Stand 001 SS.png PBR Vinyl Stand 002 SS.png PBR Vinyl Storage 003 SS.png PBR Vinyl Storage 004 SS.png

    PBR Drum Machine 001 SS.png
    PBR RocK Guitar 001 SS.png PBR RocK Guitar 002 SS.png PBR RocK Guitar 001 PRSS.png PBR RocK Guitar 002 PRSS.png
    PBR Track In A Box 001 SS.png PBR Track In A Box 001 PRSS.png

    PBR Guitar Stands 001 - 003 PRSS.png PBR Guitar Stand 001 SS.png ...
  10. PBR Starbound Mod v1.7 Instruments and more DJ Gear

    Details of all new items are on the main page for this mod,
    I'm just uploading the SS here so you can see whats new :D

    Plus I have added some Dance tracks as ABC so that they can be played by instruments, i will add more each time i update the PBR Starbound Mod, plus if you have a track/song you would like making into a ABC file just get in contact with me and i'll see what i can do.

    PBR Decks 001 SS.png

    PBR Disco Ball 001 SS.png

    PBR Lazer 001 PRSS.png PBR Lazer 002 PRSS.png ...