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PBR Starbound Mod V2.1.05

liquids, weapons, tools, armor, instruments, ABC Music, Music Items, add your own music & many more.

  1. Fixed some errors people where having

    Hi everyone :D
    here's an updated version of the PBR Mod, in here i have fixed some errors people have reported,
    Other new fixes and added items:
    - Fixed the PBR Music Gun as it was not firing correctly, it still dose not shoot 4 projectiles at once like it used to but everything else should be working like it did.
    - Added the PBR Glow Sticks and made them one handed so now you can light up where ever you go in one of your fave colours.

    That's all i've been able to get done in my free time this week, i will try and get more done soon but i can't promise anything as my job takes up most of my time, but any free time i do have i will spend working on my mod.

    If you find any errors or conflicts please let me know and i'll get on to sorting them asap

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