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PBR Starbound Mod V2.1.05

liquids, weapons, tools, armor, instruments, ABC Music, Music Items, add your own music & many more.

  1. flame shooters

    Hi Hi everyone
    It's update time again YAY!
    This week i didn't get much done due to being ill.
    but the PBR Decks are back working and playing music like they used to \o/
    plus there is a few new items

    PBR Door & Hatch 007.png
    New door and hatch

    PBR Stage Flame Shooter SS.png
    the new flame shooters, just another dj decor item :D

    PBR Furniture (Space Range) 001 SS.png
    and new furniture, more coming in future updates

    Also i have improved the PBR lazers so they work better so you might need to replace any you have already placed, just have a quick check once you've installed the new version, and like always if you have your own music added already make sure to take a copy of the "tracks" folder before deleting the old version.

    have fun and i'll keep checking back in thru the week, honey and lemon time for me ;P
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