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PBR Starbound Mod V2.1.05

liquids, weapons, tools, armor, instruments, ABC Music, Music Items, add your own music & many more.

  1. Tech working \o/ and much more

    What's new in the v2.0.8 update

    - PBR Liquid guns which where not fully in the mod are in and working, i have not redone the effects yet but for now they are back in and you can shoot 6 more new coloured liquids,

    - Lava & Glitter Lamps can now be switched on and off, you have to wire them up to a switch to be able to do this, when they are just placed down they will be switched on just like they where before this new feature was added.
    PBR Lava Lamps off.png PBR Lava Lamps on.png

    - Loads of new switches which can do a range of things, will make more in future updates.
    PBR Switch - Timed Reset.png PBR Switch - Light Sensor.png PBR Switch - Liquidt Sensor.png
    PBR Switch - Proximity Sensor (Players).png PBR Switch - Proximity Sensor (NPCs).png PBR Switch - Proximity Sensor (Humanoid).png PBR Switch - Proximity Sensor (Monsters).png PBR Switch - Proximity Sensor (All).png

    - 2 PBR Teleporters, these work the same way as the ones you can all ready buy in the game
    PBR Teleporter 001.png PBR Teleporter 002.png

    - The PBR Wings are back (YAY!) as well as getting these working i have also made 2 more, more coming in future updates
    SAIL Tech - Love Wings.png PBR Wings (Love Wings).png
    SAIL Tech - Dark Wings.png PBR Wings (Dark Magic).png

    - PBR Suit
    SAIL Tech - PBR Suit.png

    - PBR Headphones Tech - these let you play your own music while you are on the go there are 5 at the mo and each can hold 50 tracks, i will add a guide later on how you add them but for the people who know how to add there own music to the PBR Vinyls the process is the same, just remember to keep the tracks you add named the same as what's in the folders now. also might help if you keep a text doc some where so you can keep track of which track is which.

    - PBR Headphones (Head Item)
    these are just decorative head item i added them like this as i made them for the new PBR Headphones tech, but instead of forcing a certain colour head phones on people you can have the choice to wear them or not.
    PBR Headphones 001 - 012.png

    - there are now tech cards which are needed to get the PBR tech into SAIL, at the moment you have to go see the lil cute penguin in the outpost to get a quests to unlock these, when i learn how to make my own npc for the game i will add a Dem npc in my likeness (starbound style of course ;P) for you to get these quest from but for now the lil cute penguin will have to do.
    PBR Tech Card - PBR Headphones.png
    PBR Tech Card - PBR Suit.png
    PBR Tech Card - PBR Fairy Wings.png PBR Tech Card - PBR Fairy Wings (Love Wings).png PBR Tech Card - PBR Fairy Wings (Dark Magic).png

    - PBR Hatches these are just the same as normal doors just you can place these horizontal the hatches 001 - 005 are the same looking as PBR Door 001 and they range in size from the normal size of 5 blocks up to 100 blocks
    Hatches ss.png PBR Hatch 001.png PBR Hatch 002.png PBR Hatch 003.png PBR Hatch 004.png PBR Hatch 005.png PBR Hatch 006.png

    - PBR Fishing Bow i still have to do some new artwork for this but for now i just used one of the other bows, this bow lets you fish no longer do you have to wait for a lure to drop and hit a fish now you can just target one and fire off a bolt, you can still kill other monsters with this new bow.
    PBR Bow 005 - Fishing Bow.png

    - 2 new tools PBR Bug Net & PBR Fishing Pole these are just the same as the normal ones you get in the game already but in PBR type colours and both have had there stats improved a little bit.
    PBR Bug Net.png PBR Fishing Rod.png

    - and finally there is a new Crafting Station called the "PBR Pet Station" (was meant to rename it pet box but forgot) this lets you craft some items for your pets but as it stands now your pets won't interact with the items you can make in here yet, i'm not sure why this is yet and if anyone wants to shed some light on why this is it would be much appertained, for now they are just decor items.
    PBR Pet Station.png PBR Pet Cat Playhouse.png PBR Pet House.png PBR Pet Food Bowl.png PBR Pet Food Trough.png

    besides all them new items i had gotten a ton of people writing to me over the weekend saying they where getting a bug with some old recipes so for now i took all them out of the processing station and will rework what i can of them in coming weeks, but as it is now that not very high up on my list of things to do.


    1. PBR Glowstick 001 - 012.png
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