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Pandora's Box (Legacy) V4.0.2-Final

This aims to add variations to unique monsters, add uniques of it's own, and other little tweaks!

  1. Pandora's Box V3.4

    --Erchits and Erchlings are back, but don't worry: We've given them a stern talking to.

    It's not nice to gather in massive groups and kill players' fps, so we are forcing them to abide by some new rules:

    -Erchits and Erchlings will only agro if the player has fuel. If they lack fuel, they will fade back into their own dimension
    -Both ghost types will be mindful of the amount of ghosts in the surrounding area, and will despawn accordingly if things get too hot.
    (Credit goes to JCUnown for this new behavior!)

    --The pet renamer and personality repairer are being phased out in favor of a new all-in-one object known as the Pet Utility.

    At the pet utility, you can rename your pet, give it a personality (if it's lacking one), and fix broken pet pod portraits. This object
    will take the place of the pet renamer in new starter bags, in Shoptop's shop, and as a craftable. (Personality repairers and pet renamers
    will now be unobtainable. They will sit in the assets for awhile until they circulate out of user's inventories and what not. I recommend you delete
    them, as they will eventually be removed at a later date.)

    (While the objects doesn't really use any assets from Frackin, and the scripts are largely Hubnester's work, the idea for the handling of fixing
    pet pod portraits came from the Frackin Universe Pet Image Repairer object.. so I feel like thanks is warranted anyway!)

    --Erchits are now catchable

    --Respective capsulepop capsules now stack up to 99.

    --Biome patches have been adjusted across the board where applicable to potentially work a little better.
    (I've gotten reports of issues with how they were before, so I've adjusted them to be more in line with
    other biome patch files. Unfortunately, these changes will only affect new biomes/planets.)

    --Normix is no longer an underground spawn. You can now find them in Gardens.

    --Gummini can now be found in future garden biomes. Unlike the previous time they occurred in garden biomes, when
    they spawned in groups, this time they spawn solo.

    --Hemogoblin, Nutmidgeling, and King Nutmidgeling variations have been removed. Nutmidge has also had it's variations
    purged, and reworked. (I recommend owners of pre-existing versions of these monsters put them through the new Pet utility
    to fix any broken pod portraits)

    --Capsulepop Capsules now work a little bit differently...

    Before, you would always get one item per capsule... now, on rare occasions you can potentially get 2! Be warned though. On rare occasions,
    capsules can also have *nothing in them* now... Better hope you're lucky!

    --Fixed an issue causing Mister Wisper Eggs to not yield a Mister Wisper when they hatched.

    --You can now acquire hats for all fennix family members from the capsulepop.

    --Crabcano variations have been redone. They now have a total of 81 variations. (Previous Crabcano pets will
    need to be run through the new Pet Utility to fix any inconsistencies in pet portraits)

    --Gleap variations have also been redone. They now have 125 variations!
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