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Pandora's Box (Legacy) V4.0.2-Final

This aims to add variations to unique monsters, add uniques of it's own, and other little tweaks!

  1. Pandora's Box V3.3

    --Implemented Beetoise. Beetoise are a highly physically defensive Crustoise relative often found in
    Jungles and Mushroom biomes. They have a fast shell spin attack (Which can be hard for them to control!)

    --Magmatop and Magtoise are now immune to lava (Like they should have been really. lol)

    --Implemented Hivetoise. Hivetoise are distant relatives to Crustoise that inhabit Hive biomes.
    They act as the worker drones, performing maintenance and repairs on the Hive.

    --Orbides will no longer spawn in newly-generated Midnight biomes

    --Shoptop's Shop animation now has more frames leading up to the 'adjust stache' part of the animation.
    This means he won't adjust his mustache nearly as often.

    --Fixed a minor action figure goof on my part.

    --Crafting materials added by the mod will now appear in the crafting tab of your inventory.
    (Any that are still in the main tab for existing characters can be moved to the crafting tab when you take the item out of your inventory.)

    --Implemented new teleport flags. You can craft them at an upgraded spinning wheel, in the objects tab! They come in 9 colors.

    --Added a new codex to Shoptop. (He sells it after the Erchius Mining Facility mission.)

    --The mod's Collection system is now handled differently. Rather than utilizing Custom Collections, it utilizes a clone of the system accessed via an active item you can buy from shoptop (it comes from the starter bag for new characters.) (Some assets were used, with permission from Frackin's Collection system for this system. There's also some Custom Collections files present for any future situation where I would need to use that functionality. Credit goes to Frackin Universe and Custom Collections for any instances of assets from those respective mods.)
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