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ObeMonsterParts 86 parts

Additional Parts for Random Monster Generation

  1. 4 more parts and a bug fix

    I know it ain't much, but it's something!

    Four parts and a fix for one that wasn't spawning.
    Everything should be working now, and some file names are changed so make sure you delete the old version.
  2. 5 More parts


    I'll try to put more stuff out more often.

    Also arms are harder to make than I thought, was going to work on those but now I understand why Chucklefish only made 5 (x2 for size differences, so 10 arms) varieties.

    Considering making weapon parts for another mod, but I don't know how difficult the files are to setup.
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  3. A fish fin and a couple of arms!

    It isn't much, but uploading (the three new parts) now since I might not have time to make any tomorrow.

    Looking through vanilla files it seems there are only five biped arms (large and small version of each).. That is a very small number.
    There also seems to be no correlation between large and small fish, so I can make new parts for fish without needing to make an alternate size of them if I want to. Which is cool.
  4. typo fix; was causing legs to not spawn

    carriontrooper found the problem. New update fixes it.
    Thank you carriontrooper! :DD
  5. Fifty parts now (5 new)!

    Almost done making alternate sizes of everything, just the fish parts left to do. Still, trying to include at least one or two new parts (this time a large+small quadruped body). Enjoy!
  6. Fixed an issue causing large parts to spawn on small monsters.

    Everything should be working perfectly now.

    Sorry about that!
  7. 12 more parts!

    Finally finished adding all of the large/small variations of ground creatures.
    Had to rename a lot of files and folders, and such. So definitely delete the old folder before installing this update. Otherwise weirdness and/or crashing may occur.

    Also added a pink nose and tooth to the very ugly rabbit face.
    Fixed an issue with the small stick legs losing toes in some frames, and made the back-legs animate out of sync with the front legs, so it should look better I hope.

    A couple of new...
  8. (Technically) 6 new parts!

    Added biped large and small stubs, so some biped monsters can have a little flat butt instead of a tail. (will do the same for quadrupeds next update, I'm lazy today).

    And finished making small versions of all current large biped parts. Fairly lazily done.

    So now all small bipeds have a matching large biped part, in preparation for the evolution update that will eventually happen.

    Mostly I just want to get through this stage of working on it all so I can add real new parts again.
  9. Large versions of small biped parts complete.

    Slowly working towards having a large and small version of every ground creature part. As those are capturable and will eventually evolve, I'd like the evolutions (when they're added) to be not-random.

    As such, I have created large versions of the four small biped parts.

    I have also started changing some file names, so that there are things like "smallpart" and "part" (where 'part' is the actual part name), to make life easier down the road.

    Slight tweak to a couple of things, so the...
  10. Typo fix.

    A typo was causing the front fattwotoelegs to not spawn. This fixes it.