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NPC Map Locations Mod 2.2.2

Shows NPC locations on map. Uses a more accurate map page for more accurate tracking!

  1. 2.0.1 Update

    • Handle unknown locations (modded custom locations or new locations not already handled by the mod) by skipping that marker.
    • Much needed code refactoring (~640 less lines, smaller file size!)
    • Get proper checks for Marlon/Wizard appearance (they don't show up in the mod menu until the player triggers the events to meet them [spoilers])
    • Minor tweaks to the map (bigger docks, fix stray pixel)
    • For you controller users: Opening the map automatically disables snappy cursor movement (so that you can actually use the mod's features) and resets to whatever option you had before when exiting the map. If you turn ON the controller style menu in Options, close the menu so the mod updates your option and resets it when the map isn't open.
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