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Nostalgic Greenery 1.3-1.02

Everything that's lush, and a little occult stuff too >.>

  1. [Patch Update]

    > Fixed the problem of colors reverting back to Default in Patch 1.31 ( ._. )
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  2. [Patch Update]

    > Fixed the problem of colors reverting back to Default in Patch 1.3
  3. [Patch Update]

    > Fixed for 1.3
    > Please report if you still find something not working with 1.3 !

    Note: The Rain/Snow Emitters now only cover a much smaller area. Something with particle rendering changed and I had to make them ugly.

    Discuss this update in thediscussionssection.
  4. [Minor Fix]

    > Fixed a little copying error which prevented crafting the trampoline web block.
  5. [Content Update]

    > Added more decorations again, including Bonsai trees (colorable), old tree stumps, a rabbit hutch (colorable, rabbit fur comes in variants)
    > Replaced all the modular vines with single objects which can be rotated and trimmed into shape
    > Optimized a lot of stray files, fixed typos,
  6. [Content Update]

    > All Grasses, Flowers, Bushes and Shrubs can now be colored in 12 colors
    > The flowery variants of shrubs (01a, 02a, 02b etc) are no longer craftable, instead they are added by coloring the Shrub with the Decoration Displacer.

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  7. [Content Update]

    > The Color GUI has been removed and the Decoration Displacer now has a coloring option. Left Click colors the object you aim at.
    Left Click + Shift switches through the available colors (you see the active color on the cursor).
    Right Click toggles whether an object is interactive or not.

    (Each of these functions only works on objects from this mod. You can find the D.D. in the Special Tab of the Garden Toolbox)

    > A bunch of additional grasses and flowers has been made color-able

    > A new...
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  8. [Content Update]

    > All Flowers can now be colored in the GUI
    > Corals can now be colored in the GUI
    > Bloodstains can now be colored in the GUI
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  9. [Content Update]

    > New Tool: Decoration Displacer. Shooting modify-able Decorations (Like the Festival Lights or Rock Prisms) from this mod with this gun will disable/enable interaction with them, so that your screen doesnt get cluttered.

    > The GUI window for modify-able decorations is now much more lightweight and individual.

    > The Waterfalls have all been replaced with a single object for each size - you can now pick the length of the Waterfall at any time by interacting.

    > Fixed a Typo which made the...
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  10. [Minor Bugfix]

    => Fixed a little flaw which caused the Gardening Multi-Tool to have unlimited range.
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