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NinjaGear 2.1

Weapons and Other Useful Gear for Ninja

  1. Crusism
    Version: 1.5
    A unique tool: the 'Climbing Kunai' basically functions like the grappling hook but goes further in length and does damage (albeit very little damage but still fun to spam on an enemy). As it functions identically to the grappling hook, it shoots straight and latches on to blocks; however, there will not be anything in your character's hand (i.e. the kunai flies out of your hand rather than being thrown off your hand). Because of this, your character will always have his/her hand out - awkwardly stretched out. Aside from that, there is a slight notable frame rate drop when the kunai rope is stretched to its furthest when grappling (or at least the frame rate drops on my end). Otherwise, I like the 'Climbing Kunai' very much in that it works nicely and that it's concealed. 5/5

    I hope the awkward hand pose is solved somehow (as it is the most distracting) - along with the frame rate drop on my end (which I am starting to wonder if others are experiencing the same frame rate drop issue at the furthest kunai rope stretch), - and I hope for more differing ninja tools that are functionally identical to the 'Climbing Kunai' (for more variety) and/or are functionally identical to how the in-game rope works (i.e. it's grapple is thrown in an arc rather than being shot straight - allowing for more versatile, explorative use rather than straightforward grappling action).
    1. Imblazed247
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the 5 star and most in depth review ive ever had..I will look into the rope and see what I can do thanks again and Im glad you enjoy playing with it