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Nightar Race 0.3.4

Adds the Nightars, or "The Knights of the Night" as a custom race!

  1. 1.3 Compatibility Update

    1.3 Compatibility Update
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  2. Fixes & tweaks

    -Fixed bug for the king slayer armor, the hand wasn't appearing while swimming.
    -Fixed some typos in the codices.
    -Fixed the description for Ran's castle.
    -Tweaked the mission Nightfort, the guards in the throne room will no longer be all waiting for you in one spot next to the door.
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  3. Fixes

    -Fixed issue with Ran's castle refusing to sell Nightar chests.
    -Fixed issue with Nightar lights not being considered lights for colony deeds.
    -Made a recipe to fix the broken Nightar blade (you can learn the recipe by picking up the blade)
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  4. Quickfix

    -Fixed an issue that prevented the Viera race from making any sound when interacting with them.
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  5. STUFF!

    -The mission is now enabled!
    -You can buy the map/location for it from Ran's castle.
    -It is a tier 7 dungeon, so you will need the best equipment and some friends/ crew members.
    - Also the doors after the bosses can be opened manually, so please don't open them until you finish off each boss!

    -New stuff:
    -You can now summon Nightar tenants and crew members!
    -New codex.
    -New cape.
    -New tile.

    Added a cape

    -Fixed some recipes.
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  6. Update + fixes

    -Added new S.A.I.L.
    -Added a new bow.

    -Fixed issue with re-spawn animation.
    -Fixed issue with the tier 5 ship texture.
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  7. Augments fixes

    -Fixed the issue that made the game crash when using the nightar augments.
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  8. Some fixes + new weapon.

    -Fixed values for some armors.
    -Added a new 1-handed sword.
  9. Another quick fix, sorry!

    Fixed the recipe for the nightar replicator, should be balanced now!
  10. Quickfix

    The recipe for te "Nightar replicator" in which you craft your armors and weapons wasnt apearing in the inventor's table, now it should be fixed!