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New Map: Jungle Temple v1.0

Adds new custom maps to the game.

  1. Ulithium_Dragon
    Last Updated: [03/21/2017] Current Version: [v1.0]

    Hey guys! I've been working hard at trying to make some new maps for the last few days, and I've got something functional enough to release now - a jungle temple:


    20170318150557_1.jpg 20170318150835_1.jpg 20170321002257_1.jpg 20170321021343_1.jpg 20170321053126_1.jpg 20170321053409_1.jpg 20170321053901_1.jpg



    At the moment, the exterior is completed, and a basic interior with a few rooms has been started. I plan on doing more of course, that's just what's done at the moment.

    You can find the entrance at the back of the Secret Forest, behind the ruins and statue (north of the small pond).

    NOTE: This mod *may* be incompatible with other mods that edit the Secret Forest. I've only tested it with Tego's Stardew Expansion, which *is* compatible. I don't know of any other mods that edit the Secret Forest, so if you find an incompatible mod, let me know and I'll see about maybe getting a patch made!

    - Advanced Location Loader (and all of it's requirements).

    *Made for v1.8 of SMAPI and v1.2 of ALL. I will try to keep it up to date with any updates to either of those things, just know that if I don't then it might not work anymore!

    Will NOT work with the nightly "beta" build (the v1.2 beta update). Once it is fully released I will update this mod to it.

    Nexus Mirror:


    - Added three new rooms - a junction room, and two side rooms (left and right).
    - Overhauled the temple interior room quite a lot. Also some minor tweaks and fixes to the temple exterior.
    - Added requirements for entering each new room activate the tablet with the glowing red runes on it to learn more!
    *GINORMOUS thankyouthankyouthankyou's to both Entoarox and Androxilogin for helping me figure out how to set this up correctly!!!

    v0.5 Beta:
    - Fixed the foliage not showing up (bushes, rocks, etc.). HUGE thanks to Entoarox for helping me fix this!

    v0.4 Beta:
    - Fixed a boo-boo in the code that caused all my new locations and edits to not show up (god I hate javascript).

    v0.3 Beta:
    - Fixed the bug that was causing the player to enter the Secret Woods map at the center (still no clue what was causing this).

    v0.2 Beta:
    - Accidentally put in "Sewer.xnb" instead of "SewerTiles.xnb" (my bad). I put the right one in this time.

    v0.1 Beta:
    - Initial Release.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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