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Neko Species. öååööååööååöåöååöåöåöåöåö

Catgirls and catbois. Nekospecies. NekoGrills?!

  1. Delet dis

    Just deleted a monster,
  2. Idk just saw different file size so I thought maybe fix yes ;)

    Yes. Title.
  3. Sorry but Not as intrested in updating but I really recommend using the steam version

    Check steam for much more info and more context
  4. Erm I'm pretty lazy.

  5. Update: 16 Oct @ 2:38pm

    After some tinkering I've re added the wardrobe\wearables.json.patch

    2016-10-16 14:10
    Added it and it should work now.
    After some updates from Silverfeelin it works purrfectly now. Cringe.

    And I've made SilverFeelin fix some additions of his mod ;^)
    So little I'm a little happy now.
  6. Update: 16 Oct @ 1:41pm

    By request I've fixed the wardrobe/wearables.json.patch .

    fixed (removed)

    2016-10-16 13:30

    Thank you silverfeelin for your tools and that you actually took the time to contact me and checked out the files and such.
    Sorry for the inconvience or bothering you because I've tried with the .patch did not work better to just not support the mod.

    Silverfeelin has Starbound 11 hours ago
    Hey uh.. your wearables.json.patch is not actually a patch......
  7. Update: 9 Oct @ 1:55pm


    species/nekospecies/ --Added "effectDirectives" : "?replace=FEFFFFFF=FFFFFFFF?replace=9bd4ffFF=80f4ffFF?replace=31a6ffFF=39b8e3FF",
    I think I know how it works now.
    Is easy.
    By request.
    From chucklefishforums.
    The quality of warpdown_neko.png and up_neko.png is absolute shit with artifacts, do you plan on fixing that? I tried to zoom in to get the colors for "effectDirectives" and get rid of warp effect inconsistency, but with this quality the...
  8. Update: 8 Oct @ 2:57pm

    So here is a new update.
    I've tried somewhat to make a AI which fits this race.
    The AI is subject to change and may cause some minor bugs.
    This is because the developers currently have no way to customise the AI further than just it being diffrent frames.
    They still want the interface windows and such in place as the vanilla and I could not stand that...
    So I made a .patch and fixed it to my preference.

    There already is some .rars in the .pak which you just have to check in to see how to...
  9. Update: 24 Sep @ 5:30pm

    Fixed some ♥♥♥♥♥ new armor and ♥♥♥♥♥.
  10. Update: 22 Sep @ 11:14pm

    Added A new type of sword with it's own combo system.
    Added new /objects/neko/
    Fixed bugs.
    This is a kind of good release in my opinion but most of the new files in the /objects/
    are placeholders for descriptions.

    Will begin to change most of the armor right now and even more stuff.
    I've been kind of lazy but I'm getting really really sick. Mentaltaly and bodily I think I'm getting an infection of an inflammation. Idk.


    1. 20160904141203_1.jpg