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Neko Race 1.0.4

Catgirls in space!

  1. Bug fix + missing resources

    I missed a few errors in updating the code, so this update should fix it.

    I also was missing a few sprites. Keep in mind that all armor, weapons, objects, ships, and the pet are temporary sprites from the Felins mod. They will be replaced by custom sprites by myself, and my friend Wjmpdx.

    So there will be a time when you will be required to restart your character, mainly for the ship changes. Keep in mind that wipe will not happen for a few months, as both of us have jobs, and this is a...
  2. Tier 5 armor fix

    I just discovered an issue that caused you to be unable to craft tier 5+ armor. I fixed it by using some values from the vanilla human species.

    I will be working on custom swords, guns, and furniture, in the next update. (Unless there are more bugs)