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Natural Slopes (replacer version)

Replaces default block rendering with a custom slope render.

  1. Custos_Aeternam
    Update1.png Update2.png Update3.png
    Cynic has granted permission for modders to take up his mod and fix it/etc, so I am doing that.

    Go here for the Steam version

    This is the Natural Slopes mod and a fix for the fossil game.

    Please note, I am NOT a pixel artist! I code, I edited a .lua file to get it to render the fossil game properly and I added some missing material files and that is it. This mod is intended to be for natural structures, not concrete or bricks. If you want another block(s) sloped using this mod you don't need to ask, Cynic has included template files for you to use.

    Please note, you need to unsub from the original mod; while you are at it give it a thumbs up to show your support.

    Q: How is this mod different than Dramatic Terrain?

    A: Dramatic Terrain is more for people who like the overall blocky look, but think it is too squared. To create the "blocky but smooth" look, Dramatic Terrain adds detail to the edge of the blocks, but otherwise doesn't change anything; Natural Slopes changes most blocks in the game to customized slope blocks. The changes made by Natural Slopes required a patch for the Fossil Game to work properly, because the game could not render the sloped variant in the fossil game (not to mention, in some cases it would make it harder/easier than it should be by hiding/revealing where the bones are more than already happens with vanilla blocks). Dramatic Terrain is a good mod, one that I used to subscribe to, but I wanted something with a more... 45Deg angle.
    Now, you may be thinking "If everything is turned into a slope, that would make the world too unrealistically smooth!" but you would be wrong; you should go outside more ;). Slopes do not connect to blocks that are not the same type, or if it is too far away; there are still sharp 90Deg angles! When you go Spelunking (haha, not the right term by the way) you may not even notice natural slopes immediately (but you probably will).

    Originally the fossil game would try to render the natural slopes dirt with classical rendering, I have changed the /interface/games/fossilgame/level.lua file to now point at vanilla copies of the respective materials the game asks for.

    Future plans include:
    -Continue supporting mod and add any missing tiles to the fossil game.
    -Potentially rewrite code to simplify it (pretty simple already, but if too many more tiles get added it will start to be noticed on your end).
    -Too bad at pixel art to change much.

    This mod is incompatible with any mod that Natural Slopes would be incompatible with, as well as any mod that alters the /interface/games/fossilgame/level.lua file, as this file is the target of my misguided modding adventure; and it is where the fossil game choses the materials that are used on the board. Please note, I am not new to modding or coding, but I am new to uploading mods here. So bear with me please! If you get more than one update for this mod in the span of a few minutes... I am sorry; I probably forgot something and remembered last minute.

    -Altered the code so that now instead of just dirt/stone the fossil game will also show sand, sand stone, and mud.
    Will add more variants as the code permits.
    (I have to explore all the biomes and find generated fossils because the ones I place are always stone/dirt)
    -Added in a config file patch for deadcore, so now it shouldn't show up all funny anymore.

    Reupload with a slight... tweak. NO I did NOT miss a comma!... I uploaded the old folder somehow.
    -*Ahem*.... Fixed comment block so that critical code (a couple function calls I made) were not commented out. I commented this block everytime I would reupload the mod, and uncommented it everytime I tested it... I am gonna be honest though, it is 4am for me and I am tired; I only have a few hours left before I will be unavailable for a few days so I want to get this fixed up as much as possible.

    -Combined both functions (one for rocks, one for dirt) into a single function (because now I know what I am working with, I don't have to be scared of errors; I can be more specific) and removed the loop looking for values with the values I am looking for directly (this makes it load faster by a very marginal amount, but still faster!).
    -Removed an extra clay.png? IDK how it was still there, but it is gone now!

    If you encounter a dirt type/ rock type that is not rendered properly, the mod will output an error for me; the error has the name of the file it is using. I could have made it load dirt/rock defaults, but then you probably wouldn't report it being incorrect. ;)
    -Changed mod Priority to 9999, mwahahaha... This is a test upload because having it in the mods folder doesn't work properly against other workshop mods, this will not mess up anything I promise.

    -Changed mod priority to 99999 (added an extra 9 just in case), now it will load after all mods making conflicts moot. If you have Dramatic Terrain installed it will only effect any block that natural slopes does not affect (I haven't noticed any, but I was on a lush world so...); this change also means that if you use other mods that change the textures of natural tiles this one will override them. MWAHAHAHAHA!
    WORLD DOMINATION PROGRESS: 0.00000000000000000000000001%

    -Starbound changed a function and I didn't catch it, sb.errorInfo had to be changed to sb.logError.
    -Added support for Gravel and Rock19 as fossil game materials.
    -Added support for Drysand in the fossil minigame, hopefully also fixed the cobblestone issue.

    -Added support for Rock17, be vigilant!
    -Added support for Clay, must have been what that extra Clay.png was for... :V DONT JUDGE ME.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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  1. Lumpy109
    Version: 2019-07-05
    This, was well needed. Thank you for this mod, the game looks SO much better with slopes!
  2. artguk
    Version: 2019-07-05
  3. mejesuti
    Version: 2019-07-05
    Thank you for uploading here))