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MTN (More Than Necessary) 1.2.0

Manages custom maps. Allows for greater modding flexibility (i.e. Farmhouse anywhere, 4+ players).

  1. Update to 1.2.0

    MTN 1.2.0 is here!

    Note: This update is a lil forced. Since the latest SDV Beta update (1.3.22) broke MTN, I've decided to release some of the new content / features. Take note that somethings may seem to be missing.

    Version 1.2.0:
    For Map Making:
    - Ability to enable, pick and choose large resources to respawn (Logs, Boulders, Stumps)
    - Ability to enable, pick and choose forage items to (re)spawn (i.e: Coconuts, Mushrooms, Special Weeds, etc)
    -- Note: Ore Spawn will come in a smaller...
  2. MTN 1.1 is here!

    Version 1.1.2:
    -Fixed .xnb and .tbin map loading for Farmhands in Multiplayer
    -Fixed crashed that occurs when Farmhand enters the farm map in multiplayer.
    -Fixed "Memory Access Violation" that occurred for certain users.

    For Map Making:
    - MTN now take JSON files instead of XML files to define a custom farm map/type.
    -- This change was made because the majority of the community uses JSON, making migration (and understanding the configuration) easy.
    - Additional Custom Maps to the farm can...
  3. Cellar & GUI fixes

    I know the updates have been coming out quick. This should fix the last serious bug that existed. All thats left are minor visual bugs.

    Bug fixes:
    --Cellar is accessible once again
    --UI elements should render properly on character creation
    --The "!" bubble now renders in front of the mailbox.
  4. Update to 1.0.5

    Bug fix patch.

    Version 1.0.5:
    -Several Bug Fixes:
    --Rendering issues during Multiplayer has been fixed (Custom maps now synchronize rendering positions).
    --Resolved issue with warps when farm house was upgraded.
    --Resolved map property in Community Farm which left the greenhouse inaccessible.
    --The Greenhouse will properly teleport the player to the front door when leaving.
    --Robin now works on the house when upgrading
    --Players should now warp where the farm house is now after events. Not...
  5. Update to 1.0.1

    --Ability to move shipping bin and function properly
    --Ability to move memorial and function properly
    --Ability to move mailbox and function properly
    --Bug fixes
    --And more!
  6. Update to 0.3.1

    Greetings y'all,

    Cabins are now able to properly generate. You can currently have up to 9 overall. This limitation will be increased shortly.
    Technical note: If there is a shortage of cabins, the additional will be ignored. For example, if you create a game with 8 cabins, but there is only 4 cabin tiles set within the map, only 4 will exist and only 4 players will be able to join game.

    Cabins can now be injected into existing maps. This currently works with canon maps. Custom...
  7. Update to 0.2

    Hello everyone,

    Support for customizing the starting furniture for the FarmHouse has been implemented. This can be done within the XML file of farmType.xml.

    Within the XML file, near the bottom, there is the <furniture> tag. You can place things item by item, or use one of the canon farms as a template, or both. The tag <useFarmAsTemplate> will take one of the five original maps, and copy the furniture layout into the farm house. You can add piece by piece with <item>. The furniture...
  8. UpdateKeys

    Implemented UpdateKeys.