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MrPigeon's Mythical Weaponry 1.3

A bunch of balanced custom-animated weapons

  1. Plasma Awesomeness

    Hey everyone! You like energy weapons, right? So I made a pack of four. Custom animations and abilities are included! Also I changed recipe for the Laser Daggers. For more information read the tread.
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  2. One-handed Pain

    • +2 one-handed ranged weapons
    • +1 shortsword
    • Added recipe for Stucked Legend Blade
    • Changed and moved some recipes for existing weapons
    Yes, there aren't tonns of weapons, but.. oh, i've spent a lot of time and nerves animating these simple looking one-handed things...
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  3. More Things To Try Out

    • + 1 ranged weapon
    • + 1 melee weapon
    • + 1 staff
    • + 1 boomerang
    • Terra Blade is now obtainable without cheats
    • Staves' stones are now glowing better
    Check out the tread for more information
  4. Craftability

    Now all weapons but Terra Blade are craftable. In 1.0 because of my mistake you didn't have any blueprints from start!
    Also Cristalline spear is now Crystalline.
    And the last change: I added Alpha, a tier 6 energy dagger.