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[MR] Mad Doctors Experiments 2 [SB 1.1] Version 1.8

Various Experimental Code commented to help modders

  1. vipmedy
    Version: [SB 1.1] Version 1.6
  2. Chofranc
    Version: [SB 1.1] Version 1.3
    This is awesome, i already know how the json part of starbound works, but what attracted me of this modder resource was the part of lua code because i want to learn how it work in starbound to make my custom things with it but since there is a lot of lack of tutorial for lua code in starbound, the comments that are in the files help a lot.

    The "sb.logInfo ()" was something that i was looking forward, since in old versions you use world.loginfo() to write text in the starbound.log to debug some things.

    Thanks and keep it up with the good work :).