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Mr. Foxer's Fancy Headgear Pack 1.5.4

Fifty brand spankin' new hats to cover up your noggin.

  1. 1.5.4

    Mr. Foxer
    -Removed stats from all items.
    -Improved art on some items.
    -Improved masking on all items.
    -Added ancient helmets, hoods, and backwards cap
  2. 1.5.3

    Mr. Foxer
    Previous version for people who want hats with stats
  3. 1.5.2 (Starbound 1.0 Edition)

    Mr. Foxer
    Nothing too fancy. Just updated to work in 1.0. Changed some recipes to use tungsten bars instead of steel and also re-added the morion and avian mask. All recipes remain in the spinning wheel clothing tab.
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  4. 1.5.1

    Mr. Foxer
    I did my best to fix problems for long haired characters. Hats will still looks wonky on some hairstyles but there's nothing I can do about that.
    you may need to recraft the hats for the changes to take effect
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  5. fixed for real this time

    Mr. Foxer
    Okay fixed this time I promise. Sorry about all that. Shout out to severedskullz for helping me clean it up.
  6. quickfix

    Mr. Foxer
    Some windows users were reporting that the files extracted from the zip were encrypted. That should (hopefully) be fixed now.
  7. 1.4.9

    Mr. Foxer
    Updated for Upbeat Giraffe
  8. quickfix

    Mr. Foxer
    A couple of people said that an item in this mod caused conflicts with another mod (More Food Mod). That should be fixed now.
  9. 1.4.8

    Mr. Foxer
    Added The Sweat, Bandit Mask, Boonie Hat, Beanie, Skimmer Hat, Moustache Glasses, and Hockey Mask.
    Also changed the fishbowl recipe because raw fish isn't obtainable in the game without cheats.
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  10. 1.4.7

    Mr. Foxer
    Added Gunslinger Hat, Boss of the Plains, and Bowler Hat.