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Mech Overhaul 1.1.4

Primarily replaces the mech energy system with fuel powered mechs.

  1. [0.3] Refinery & New fuel types


    -Added 2 new crafting objects: the Oil Distiller and the Fuel Refinery.
    -The Oil Distiller can be crafted using the level 2 Inventor's table.
    -The Fuel Refinery can be crafted using the level 3 Inventor's table.
    -You can use the distiller to craft Unrefined Fuel from Oil.
    -You can craft Unrefined Fuel into Mech Fuel using a Fuel Catalyst in the Fuel Refinery.
    -Each Unrefined Fuel is crafted using 2 oil.
    -1 Fuel Catalyst can refine 10 Mech Fuel.
    -Fuel Catalysts can be crafted using the Atomic Furnace.
    -Now Oil, Unrefined Fuel and Mech Fuel can be used to power mechs.
    -Every 2 oil will give 1 fuel to your mech.
    -Every 1 erchius fuel will give 1 fuel to your mech.
    -Every 1 unrefined fuel will give 1.5 fuel to your mech.
    -Every 1 mech fuel will give 2 fuel to your mech.
    -Updated mech fuel tank interface to show fuel types and fuel efficiency.
    -Mech fuel bar now changes color depending of which fuel type the tank contains.
    -You cannot fuel your mech if the tank contains another type of fuel (like if your mech tank contains erchius and you want to fuel it with oil you need to empty it first).
    -Tweaked the mech animation for when the tank is empty.

    (For now if i decide to not change anything i will just correct any bug that comes in my way and close this as a full release)
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