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Maple 32 1.4.4

Adds the Nuu Species and a bunch of dungeons, as well as some biome types.

  1. Does anyone actually read these?

    Lemon drops
    fixed beast bow recipe by replacing "monster claw" (a beta item) with "sharpened claw" (the item now)
    fixed some codex typos
    Added a new graffiti
    rocksaw now held over shoulder when idle
    other rocksaw changes
    beepbot and variants have been changed, they are now a bit more difficult to defeat
    changed headhunter bee and variant swarm spawn rate and size. Also changed how they make sound to help with the earblasting they used to do.
    changes to surface objects and dungeons of bioindustrial...
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  2. it's november now

    Lemon drops
    haloween bags unobtainable until next october, though they will be left in so you can save them if you want. They can also be turned into diamonds now.

    fixed crystal blocks being sold by glutt merchants for 0 coin by removing them from the merchant pool
    added "pangolin" armor set for cosmetic purposes.
    added a new type of hair flower that is decorative.
    fixed nuu t6a head mask
    some background stuff was done too
    I also probably forgot something
  3. A tiny update to fix some oversights

    Lemon drops
    Replaced placeholder dialogue for diver thugs (I forgot to do this before last release)
    Diver thug hideout microdungeon now generates at normal frequencies
    Removed regeneration status effect on diver thugs
  4. This update took way too long again

    Lemon drops
    added 2 more collectible armor sets with unique effects.
    added 2 new hostile NPC types
    added some new microdungeons to haze biomes and underwater cave biomes for the above hostile NPCs (they drop the new armors)
    added a unique effect to the soul containment collectible armor set.
    changed the ground fog in sooty rain, biote storms, and geyser fog weather.
    added an unused warlord raid weather event.
    added projectiles that spawn certain npcs, but they are not used.
    storm bow arrows now cause...
  5. Getting Steamed

    Lemon drops
    Removed a test rail platform deployer that was not meant to be in the released version.
    Added verdinoct and daldinium to ore detector.
    Changed clothing sprites a tiny bit.
    Changed Golek's clothing.
    Added 3 collectible armor sets.
    Updated icons for chthonian masks 1 and 2.
    Added chthonian mask 3.
    Changed terrain generation a little bit for bioindustrial.
    Changed dungeon generation on bioindustrial to increase rate of bioindustrial microdungeons and lower rate of foundry microdungeons.
  6. minor changes, small improvements

    Lemon drops
    Mine NPCs now have their headlamps functional.
    added aurora to magnet sands parallax.
    Shredroot plants now are on a different layer, making it so that they look nice when grown in hydroponics
    noosefruit plants are also on this layer.
    Fixed some spelling mistakes
  7. I took too long to do this I need to update faster

    Lemon drops
    Fixed idiot dialog mistake, glutt crewmembers now say the correct lines
    removed ability for air caves to spawn with underwater caves because it was immersion breaking and other reasons
    added trogloflora preserve subbiome. It generates under bioindustrial and verdurous planets.
    Added curious crags subbiome. It is very similar to hoodoos except very colorful. It generates on alien planets.
    Steppe biomes no longer generate on snow planets.
    Fixed idiot mistake with glutt t1 head armor
  8. A stupid fix and other things

    Lemon drops
    Steppe only spawns as a subbiome on tundra planets now
    Changed some armor coloration
    Changed some armor sprites
    Changed constellations to generate in the same way as the bunny one. The bunny constellation is now rarer due to this.
    Rebalanced certain weapons
    Fixed idiotic dunes biome parallax error
    Changed an item name and projectile name due to mod conflict
    removed rust biome from generation of bioindustrial planets because it didn't quite fit.
    Background stuff you will not see yet
  9. ship update and more

    Lemon drops
    added submerged furniture set, which allows underwater villagers to spawn as tenants. It also allows underwater guards to spawn as tenants if there is a weapons crate.
    Added ceiling hook furniture object and recipe because haha funny but might remove it later IDK.
    changed the tier 0 ship and some ship objects just a tiny bit.
    changed some object descriptions
    removed an old dungeon and object from the files that were removed from generation before the mod's release.
    Removed the unused dirt...
  10. Fixing stupid mistakes from last update because I was too lazy to test

    Lemon drops
    Changed aeolian horizon texture
    changed steppe horizon texture
    fixed problem with RA-Hecatonchire texture
    changed location of subbiomes underneath thrashed planets
    Removed possibility for scorched city secondary regions to spawn on bioindustrial planets
    reverted change to tall islands generation
    fixed 2 recipe mistakes
    added 2 new cosmetic head items, "spyhardwarehead" and "spyhardwareheadhylo". Added these items to the covert operative tennant npc, and can be obtained as rent payment by the...
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