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MannCoStoreMod MannCo Crates and You

Add Tf2 items to starboud

  1. Gewd'ay

    Adds Sniper's vest and pants to the game and I also removed the shades on the sniper hat they didn't look that great : /
    fem snipr.jpg m sniper.jpg
  2. MannDATE II

    :confirm: After long work I am PROUD to announce I have fixed the capture station bug :metroid: which broke the capture station so now as far as I know the Mann co station is BUG FREEE SAAAAAXTON HAAAAALE:urgh: AND DOWNLOAD NOW NEW ITEMS will be coming soon as summer approaches
  3. Hatdate

    Adds the Stormin Normin, Glasgow Great helm, Spiral Sallet, and ANGER to StarB )und
  4. Mannco

    hat big fix
  5. Update

    bug fixes
  6. Mann up to date

    adds grease monkey, Vintage merry weather , centurion , sir shoots a lot ,filamental , Blizzard breather, and Berlin Buckethelm
  7. Up date

    adds headless horsemen axe, fast learner, sniper hat, and tyrants helm to the Mann co store and I am trying to figure out how to add elements to weapon and create guns
  8. MannDate

    + Saxton head
    + Bat
    + Lolly chop
    + Cool cat Cardigan

    and fixes a small animation bug :virorb: on the arms
  9. +More hats /bug fixes

    :poke:This update now add the lord cockswain oth helm, Heer helm, Soul mate, Drangonbrn helm, and Noh mercy to Starbound
  10. Re-adds Scouts Hat to the Store

    -minor bug fix