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MannCoStoreMod MannCo Crates and You

Add Tf2 items to starboud

  1. Weapons and Ui

    This updates re-adds the melee weapons back with new sfx and also I've update the mann co store ui to includes sections for each class and note that u may not see all class items when u select a class specific category
  2. Deletes Universe config

    This removes the universe config as it caused crashes when playing single player with this mod.Also adds the mini but its as useless as a vegetable so it makes a nice statue....im workiing on it.
  3. Ooops

    Update adds female head frames so hats can show up on females forgot to add this Sorry
  4. Return TO MannCO

    I have had little time and took me a while to learn of the new update but once i heard i updated this mod now for info.This is Server supported but if your friends want to use the hats THEY MUST HAVE THIS MOD AS WELL! If not anything they obtain from this MOD will become a perfect Block of...
  5. Announcement

    This adds no changes and I will be ceasing work temporarily on this mod as the update for starbound comes closer so until further notice i will halt work on this mod until the next update...
  6. Meh this is really optional

    -small bat code name fix
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  7. I am ALIIIVE

    :casper:Sorry for a long time I was trying to figure out how to create a gun but here is a prototype scatter gun straight form the Mann co store
    -Scatter gun
    -Janissary ketche
    -bear necessities
    -das mescher
    -killer kabuto
    -tough guy torque...
  8. Saxton court issues

    well in turn I fixed the familiar fez and heer helm while removing spec for the nano
  9. deal with

    download it or not changes file from rar to zip
  10. Sacton compress

    Changes rar. file to a .zip file no changes just the file change so download it if u I idc so[​IMG][​IMG]