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MannCoStoreMod MannCo Crates and You

Add Tf2 items to starboud

  1. MannCo Crates and You

    Hello every one so i have realeased an update Including CRATES :lickitung: which do Require a KEY to open and once done u place it down and break it to recieve your randomized loot all though i have not added any unusual yets i am working on it i also fixed the:love: MedicGun and :poke:SCATTERGun al well as added the C.A.P.P.E.R:virorb: you can buy crates or find them in loot capsules are those silver things that lie around everywhere and u break them
    -Added C.A.P.P.ER
    -Added Medigun
    -Added Mannco Crates
    -Added Key
    -Added ScatterGun
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