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Lucario Race 1.3.4 2.2

Now you can be a fluzzy Lucario!!!

  1. Asset Remastering Again, Auracite Balancing, and End of Starter Clothing Grace Period

    Change Log:

    • Essence of Aura drops still have compatibility issues with Enhanced Storage, solutions were tried to be met with failure. Requires Enhanced Storage update to make their files compatible friendly. Do not remove Enhanced Storage to make Essence of Aura start dropping again as it may cause a loss of items in modified containers. Please use the one time quest NPC by making a house with a door, light, Auracite Crystallizer, and a colony deed to redeem...
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  2. Temporary Essence of Aura Update for Enhanced Storage Users.

    There was an issue with Enhanced Storage overwriting the drop tables, causing Essence of Aura not to drop. For those who use Enhanced Storage, there is now a special NPC that gives you 2,000 Essence of Aura.

    Simply make a house with a light, door, auracite crystallizer, and a colony deed. The NPC should spawn with a quest ready only requiring 1 pixel.
  3. Hotfix (pending contact)

    Commander Suit NCNPSU
    was calling for wrong image

    Was informed that the Lucario Loom and it's upgrade were crashing games upon viewing clothing. Possible fix made. Awaiting response if fixed, otherwise will require the sending of a log file to see if it's a compatibility error with another mod.

    If this bug happens for you, while I am waiting, sending a log file in the discussion would be much appreciated.
  4. Lucario 1.3.3 1.9 Quality of life update

    This one is a big one

    • New Crafting Interface for Lucario crafting stations
    • Auto Detect Body Type Script thanks to Silverfeelin
    • Wardrobe Interface Compatibility
    • Lucario Loom (upgrades once)
    • Auracite Anvil (upgrades the same as the regular anvil)
    • Auracite Anvil added to all races
    • New names added to random name generator on Character Customization

    • Auracite Crystallizer has been removed from crafting
    • Body...
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  5. Lucario 1.3.3 1.8 Update (return of the forgotten Page)

    Change Log:
    -Stray Pixels on Ships removed
    -Stray Pixels on Hair removed
    -Hair ties on hair now recolor to eye color
    -S.A.I.L. Remaster
    -Jackal Ship Pet Remaster
    -Lucario Ship Door now craftable
    -Lucario Ship Hatch now craftable
    -Lucario Flag added
    -Dialog patch files repaired and cleaned.
    -Lucario special dialog will now appear when a lucario is talking to a base game race player. (oops, was set to only say between lucario)
    -Stray pixels on ships removed
    -Auracite Crystallizer now craftable...
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  6. Remastery Update

    Change Log:
    -Lucario Sounds remastered using Pokken sounds (forgot to upload the 1.3.3 1.1 here)
    -Stray Pixels on Ships removed
    -Stray Pixels on Hair Removed
    -Hair ties now change to eye color
    -Complete S.A.I.L. remaster
    -Jackal Ship pet remaster
    -Lucario Ship Door now craftable
    -Lucario Ship Hatch now craftable
    -Lucario Flag added
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  7. Steam Workshop Release

    Change log:

    Added preview image

    Lucario Officer Pants fixed
    Drop Light renamed Chesto Berry Light and fixed
    Aura Crystallization Station renamed Aura Crystallizer
    Old disabled beta assets removed
    Lucario Origins Codex remastered
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  8. Update 3 on Path to Steam Workshop Release

    Change Log:

    -Male icon on character creation updated
    -Female icon on character creation updated
    -Stray Pixels on sitting animation for male sprite fixed
    -Mask on Tier 1 Head Armor updated to make sense (does not cover all hair, no worries)
    -Mask on Tier 2 Head Armor updated to make sense (Hair will not cut through hat but hair below the hat will still be present)
    -Mask on Tier 3 Head Armor updated (covers all hair)
    -Mask on Tier 4 Head Armor updated (covers all hair)...
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  9. Update 2 on the Path to Steam Release

    Change Log:

    Stray pixel on appendages while sitting fixed

    Tier 1 pants fixed
    Villager NPCs fixed
    Guard NPCs Fixed
    Commander Sleeves Fixed
    Commander Suit Fixed
    Drop Light Code Updated

    Special Fixes:
    Fluffy Toxic Color Scheme tail fixed from Riolu Tail
    Gender Different Body No Chest Spike Riolu Tail Pink Color Scheme Fixed
    Lucario Tail Fixed

    Call to Audience:

    This is still Early Release Beta, if you find any bugs, graphical errors, etc; please post them to this discussion.
  10. Clothes Update

    Armor and Clothing have been updated to current standards of sprite body. An armor tree has been added to ensure correct fit.

    Upon starting a new save, your ship locker will include customized reward bags. Each of these bags has a description telling you what body type they are for. Upon using these bags, you will receive a blueprint of the Tier 1 armor of your type. Crafting this armor, will unlock the next set of armor.

    Call to Audience:
    This is just one update...
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