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Longer Ship Travel Time 2.53

Lengthen the time needed to travel for a more immersive experience.

  1. Adjusted a few more things

    - The ship will now "readjust" itself when embarking and arriving in space "dimension" where there are no planets to land as the default one skip the animation completely. It is also 30 seconds like how it is from planet to planet.
    - Adjusted ship's speed to make it "accelerates faster" (stars' movement in the background) but the overall time required for travelling remains the same. It is just a change for the overall feeling when accelerating / decelerating.
  2. Fixed for Starbound 1.3

    Sometimes I wonder why do the developers love the change a few letters here and there.
  3. Fixed FTL time for Casual Edition (10 minutes > 3 minutes)

    What a shame. Anyway, if you're not using Casual Edition, or you've corrected the value or you've your own values, you can just skip this update.
  4. Added a FTL sound effect!

    I realized the space was too silent. And it's kind of scary. So I added a FTL sound effect that is more soothing than the original one which is loud and obnoxious.
    Credit : Link

    Please note that the file is a bit 'large' because I added a 10 minutes and 3 minutes of the .ogg file respectively instead of like 30 seconds since the disturbance between the loop is quite noticeable.
  5. Changed to be a little more proportional to the distance (somewhat)!

    A HUGE THANKS TO @lazarus78 FOR THE NEEDED DIRECTION FOR THIS UPDATE! He kindly pointed out that FTL sequence will only occur when it's from a star system to another star system! WIth that, a somewhat proportional timing is possible to be made now! I also changed a bit about the FTL sequence since it's too flashy and too loud, not a good idea for a long journey causing your eyes to bleed and your ears explode.

    1) Now, travel from planet to planet within the same star...
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  6. Includes Casual Edition

    You know, maybe someone out there just wants a slightly longer time. It also has a sound effect but it's "1 minute remaining". It is 3 minutes instead of 10 minutes.
  7. Changed to 3 minutes instead.

    Felt like 5 minutes is too long for a reminder. Also changed the accelerating into FTL to 7 minutes and decelerating into 3 minutes for a better sense.
  8. Added a 5 minutes remaining sound effect!