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LightningOres 0.1.5

Ores glow very brightly in the dark/fog.

  1. New look on platinum ores and inclusion of Vanilla Ores mod

    Included in this update is LoPhatKao's version of Glowing Ores, found in his Vanilla Ores package. The mod will

    make the ores glow faintly instead of the bright light they provide in this mod.

    The Graphics folder included in this mod contains both my graphics and LoPhatKao's graphics for platinum

    ores. If you aren't comfortable with the green/blue tint that is installed from start. Simply rename one of the

    multi-ore images in the Graphics folder to "platinum.png" and overwrite the file in the tiles\mods folder.

    The folder also contains two versions of platinum as it shows in your backpack, these are also located in the

    Graphics folder. To change the one I included in the standard setup, please replace the .png-file located in the

    items\generic\crafting folder with another file.

    Special thanks goes out to LoPhatKao and amadox for producing the original mods for glowing ores.
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