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Kingdom Hearts Keyblades 1.3

Adds new weapons, enemies, and worlds

  1. Balance and Upgradability Patch

    Weapons that needed it (particularly the special character weapons) have been rebalanced to better match tier 5/6 weapons.

    Additionally, all keychain keys can now be upgraded. If they are already tier 6 this only applies if another mod you have extends the tiers. All keyblades have also been changed so their stats are visible when hovering over one.

    DO NOT turn upgraded keys back into their components unless you need to. Doing so will remove...
  2. The Universe Protector

    A smaller update this week:

    Two new Base Key types have been added:
    the Universe Protector and, its counterpart the Ruiner

    as well as ways to get them in the Dive to the Heart.

    There is also a new gear called Light Gear. It allows any key it's attached to to light up an area around you (about equivalent to a light II augment which is required to create it.)

    The recipe for it can be purchased from the Mog shop or any Moogle transponder
  3. Heartless, weapons, and Gummi oh my!

    General New Stuff:
    -There is a new mission in twilight town. It can be started at the same NPC as the shadetop quest, if you've completed that one.
    -Within this new mission are a bunch of new monsters. They're fairly strong and like to travel in groups, so go in prepared!
    -On a related note, a Highwind controller can now be purchased from Cid, along with Auto chips to fix it up should it get damaged...
  4. Choose Your Own Key...

    You might want to try and find one of those doors again.
    A new set of weapons awaits you!

    This should seem familiar. Your answers will determine what kind of weapon you receive, and keep in mind you can only choose one path!
    (unless you find yet another door of course)

    There are also several new gears which can be...