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Outdated Jaffa Staff 1.1

Charging energy staff from Stargate

  1. Deon




    Totally compatible and is supposed to be used with Tabula Rasa mod "installer" (or alternative link to get Tabula Rasa).

    1) Install Tabula Rasa mod (use alternative link above if the Playstarbound site is not working).
    2) Unzip the archive inside your /steam/steamapps/common/Starbound/tabularasa folder.
    3) Craft Tabula Rasa as requested in the thread ("cook" a torch), and voila.

    The recipe is: 1 molten core, 30 silver bars and 1000 pixels, it's crafted in Tabula Rasa (or alternatively in Metalwork station).

    You can download the snake armor here

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  1. Khataclysme
    Version: 1.1
    Thanks ! :D ♥