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Item/Weapon Frames v1.31 (p1.2)

Mount weapons, armor, and anything else on your wall.

  1. Update for Real

    Because the forum seems to have lost the last one.
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  2. Upgraded Weapon Fix

    Fix for old icons showing after upgrading weapons at the essence anvil thing.
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  3. Patch 1.2

    Updated for new patch.

    Also fixed bows not displaying properly, and added the ability to flip/rotate frames.

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  4. Update Fix

    Just some fix.
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  5. Bugfixes

    Bugfixes for codexes and saplings.
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  6. Bugfix

    Some bugfixes, like for some shields not displaying properly.
  7. Bugfix

    Fixes for activeItems with empty strings in the animationParts field, e.g. ironbroadsword, ironassaultrifle.
  8. Link fix

    Metadata links to here rather than the steam workshop page
  9. 1.0 Update

    Made compatible. Active Items are really finicky, so some of them may break the script and not display. I hit as many cases as I could find but they're very complex internally.
  10. Glad Giraffe

    Updated for Glad Giraffe and compatibility with the new activeItem paradigm of generated items.