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Outdated ItA - Tidewater & Mountainous Biomes! V 0.07

Adding new Biome Content in the Into the Aether Series!

  1. Crisium
    Version: V. 0.06
    OK you get a new biomes +1, it looks good +1, its got new and WELL MADE textures and tiles +1 His going to add WAVES (WHAT) +1 And it all works really well +1. I see no down side here So stop reading what I'm saying and download it or I'll have a clown punch you in your err umm knee yeah there hmpf..
  2. sayter
    Version: V. 0.03
    Yea, it'll be added to FU soon, once he and I work out the specifics and special goodies involved. In the meantime, GET IT. Or I will find you. :)