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ItA - Enter the Dragon Temple 1.22

Adds Hylotl Themed Shrine & Cultural Objects

  1. Tools as Artform

    Hi folks. Looks like I was finally able to implement a side project as well now that the code is completed in SB 1.0

    Prepare yourself for Hylotl Decorated Parasols:
    These paper umbrellas are stylish yet functional, slowing your descent during a fall and looking good while doing it. There are three varieties of paper / bamboo umbrellas; blue with hylotl eyes, red with kanji, and white with a lilypad [hylotlparasol1, hylotlparasol2, hylotlparasol3]

    Restored the throwing fish & the calligraphy brush as functional items. Added pearls as a future crafting ingredient.

    The next push is fixing the crafting tiers and recipes... I'm still not sure how i want them to work, or if i want to make my own crafting station.


    1. Parasol.JPG
    2. Parasol2.png
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