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Intergalactic Wilds v1.1.1

An overhaul to the hunting aspect of the game, new collections, new objects, and more!

  1. Mother Poptop's Revenge Updated

    • Fixed Mother Poptop's Ghost despawning if you die while fighting it
    • Added dummy text file for the download that simply says to use the individual links (Mods, if you see this, please move this to a better place, thank you)
  2. Added Classic Smelting Mod

    • Added the "Classic Smelting" mod to the modpack
  3. Individual Mod Shattered, Modpack Replacement

    • Intergalactic Wilds has been split into several smaller mods. They are all now available in a modpack format here. PLEASE DOWNLOAD ALL THOSE MODS AND UNINSTALL THE OLD VERSION. Because of the new format, this old mod version will no longer be updated/supported and several things have been taken out to deter people from continuing to use it; IF YOU DOWNLOAD ALL THE MODS IN THE MODPACK THEN UNINSTALL THE OLD VERSION, YOU WILL STILL HAVE ALL YOUR ITEMS, EVEN EVENT ONES
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  4. Fixes and Spawn adjustments

    • Newly generated Hive biomes will now have all three uniques in them (This is mostly for mod lore continuity)
    • Newly generated Eye Patch biomes will have both uniques in them
    • Newly generated Bone biomes will have both uniques in them
    • Treasure pools for some monsters have been changed slightly, allowing you to obtain hunted goods instead of something else or nothing entirely from certain monsters when they are killed with a hunting weapon
    • Fixed Tier 6 pants not showing up...
  5. Removed trapping (And related content), Treasure pool changes, Power boosting tier 5-6 pants, More

    • Removed trapping as a core mechanic and item drop rates have been adjusted - all you need to do is use hunting weapons now. Trapping may come back as just a side thing later.
    • Generated flying monsters now drop the same stuff as Bipeds and Quadrupeds when killed with a hunting weapon
    • Miscellaneous other treasure pool changes
    • Revamped how treasure pools work (Now if you kill a level 4 monster, you'll get level 4 loot, no matter what tier hunting weapon you use - and the same...
  6. Placeholder Update

    • I'm working on a larger update still, so all this update is is removing the Christmas event stuff (Minus the crafting recipe for the holiday crafting bench because I forgot to do it even the second time I was removing things). I'll release the next update in a few days.
  7. Temporary Change to Traps, Energy Weapon Sounds, Core Monsters, Living Root Duplication, Misc Fixes

    • Traps will now only slow monsters almost completely (This is temporary as the trapping system needs some revision)
    • Following the above point, regular hunting weapons will now yield drops as normal just with a 10% chance to drop nothing (or event materials) (This is also temporary)
    • Fixed lack of sound when swinging spears
    • Changed the sounds of the Tier 5 and Tier 6 Hunting Knives/Hunting Spears to be like the Violium Broadsword
    • Moved the mod-specific No Fall Damage...
  8. No Fall Damage Fix

    • Changed No Fall Damage status effect on affected armor to the vanilla one to get rid of the error it always causes, at the expense of making a few more particles appear around you. (The old status effect is still in the mod, so this change won't end up breaking any characters)
  9. Updated FU Addon, Throwing Spear Recipe Change, Monsters Attacking Critters, Farm Animals, and Bugs

    • Made throwing spear recipes a 1 : 1 basis (This will cost more wood and rope, but will be easier to craft altogether)
    • Monsters will now attack critters, farm animals (wild or tame), and bugs (One downside to this is now you will also be able to kill your tamed farm animals)

    FU Addon
    • Monsters now attack FU critters, farm animals, and bees
    • Changed naming conventions for critter capturing that I never did when I split the separate build off
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  10. Unicorn Crafting Fix

    • Fixed the Unicorn not being craftable on the tier 3 anvil (First anvil upgrade)