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Outdated Interesting Starter Swords 2.4

Adds a bit of history, lore, and lifespan to your starting weapons

  1. Fixed .pak issue caused by EK Unstable version 639 (Update 6)

    Unpacked .pak file to fix problem caused by EK Unstable version 639 (Update 6)
  2. No functionality changes. Packed assets into .pak file for optimal performance.

    Version 2.3
    • Packed assets into .pak file for optimal performance.
    • Updated included mod, Starter Sword Barrel, to also use .pak file.
  3. Fixed problem of not being able to upgrade swords from other species

    Introduced the "Starter Sword Barrel" item with the last release. It works perfectly for acquiring Starter Swords from any species. However, I overlooked the fact that because I was using .species files to give you upgrade recipes, it didn't allow players to upgrade swords acquired from this barrel for species other than player species.

    Changed recipe implemenation. Now species don't learn recipes in tiers, along with vanilla craftables. Instead, each weapon teaches you the next blueprint...
  4. Included new Starter Sword Barrel item for those that have already deleted/lost their starter swords

    Have you lost your starter sword, already? Want to play with a sword from another species instead?

    This is an add-on mod for the Interesting Starter Swords mod, by Dantronix.

    It allows you to create a barrel which has all starter swords in it in case you lost your starter sword or want to play with a sword from another species instead.

    WARNING, Regarding other species...
  5. Full ten tiers update. Now over 60 different swords!

    This update adds a full 10 tiers worth of swords for each vanilla race. That's over 60 new swords! I've spent a huge amount of time on these and I'm very happy with the outcome, so far. I will continue to update them as time allows.
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  6. Enraged Koala Support - More swords/tiers coming soon!

    Updated for Enraged Koala support
  7. Furious K Compliance, Balancing, & Minor Fixes

    * Updated version for Beta v. Furious Koala.
    * Made all swords slightly more iron expensive to make them more fair vs. other weapons of same tier.
    * Removed some stuff from another mod which I had left in this file, having used the readme from that mod as a template.
    * Corrected a typo in avian enhanced sword.