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Improved Containers 2.11

Persistent storage, Mass selling, Renaming, Searching, Sorting, Quick stacking

  1. 2.2

    Support for Pixel Goods Store
  2. 2.1

    Support for WIP: The Viera Race of Ivalice
    Fixed support for 2 containers in Avali
  3. 2.0

    - Client side quick stacking. Still works without server but server can't lock container.
    - Client side sorting. Still works without server but server can't lock container.
    - Search field
    - Gardenbot2 support
    - Price on container will be recalculated to include items inside.
    - Food rots inside of picked up containers.

    For players that are using any compatibility mods, mods that add IC functionality to other mods, uninstall them until they have been updated.

    For any mod developers out there...
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  4. 1.9

    I swatted the dupe bug!

    Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  5. 1.8

    - Objects with slots (containers) can no longer be quick stacked. Containers with items inside were being stacked with blank containers, resulting in loss of items.
    - Money can no longer be quick stacked.
    - Equipped items should no longer be quick stacked if there is an identical item in storage.
    - Items currently held in hand will not be quick stacked (can't check other hotbar slots)
    - GUI should no longer lock itself if you have no items to quick stack.

    As this is just an update to...
  6. 1.7

    Improved sorting.
    New quick stack feature.
    Container & GUI locks itself while it is stacking or sorting to prevent issues.

    Logging some things to starbound.log for 1.7 release. Please include it when bug reporting.

    Next update after this will prevent you from putting containers with items inside another container. Please remove your containers from storage, if you have any, as they will automatically drop into the world in 1.8.
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  7. 1.6

    Bug fixed when breaking a container that had a container with items inside
  8. 1.5

    Support for Avali & Frackin' Universe
    Border on inventory icon. (This one is for you brandonblk. Don't sell any more chests with items.)
  9. Reverts rarity sorting

    Had reports of people having issues with the added rarity sorting. This reverts sorting back to only alphabetical.
  10. Empty containers & sorting behavior

    Empty containers reset their name so they will automatically stack when you destroy them.

    New sorting behavior to sort by Rarity first. This made everything more advanced and I hope no one will notice any performance hits because of it.