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Idle Factories BUILD 5 - PATCH 6

Factories which generates ores, liquids, crops, components, pixels, and a hole lot more!

  1. No more radio's for you!

    despite the efforts of putting in a radio message for guiding/comedy purpose, I've temporarily removed it, this of course, doesn't effect the mod in anyway, just means their are no longer radio messages to read.
  2. Permanent Unlock

    A small update which allows the Workbench and Diamontine to be always be available, this does not effect radio call outs however
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  3. Cultivator change

    Time to produce cut in half
    Recycle make up changed from 50 to 20
  4. Mini patch

    Moved "Cultivator" from the item to the category
  5. Strange duplication bug

    people are claiming there is a duplicate radio issue going about... and i'm not happy, so, I made an update to hopefully resolve that, AAANNNDDD expanded on more radio dialogue....
  6. Adding the link!

    I'm getting ready to continue modding some of the add-on's, this isn't an actually additive but merely, it opens up something for me... BUT>..

    Expanded most factory inventory size from 16 to 25
    Drillers now have a mini description on what "Special" gem its focusing on
    Patched code slightly
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  7. Minor Update 1

    Increased Bank/Investment center generation rate to be much slower

    Mk.I - from 2 seconds to 4 seconds
    Mk.II - from 0.5 seconds to 1 seconds
    Mk.III - Untouched
  8. Old Files Removal

    Some "Unused" content remained, along with old factories 1 and 8 and the experimental fragments which didn't go well, they have been removed, hopefully, to stop any more errors this mod throws at you... hopefully
  9. Sorry for the silly LONG wait, but its finally here!

    Yes, I was in Hiatus for a while, you know, playing other games, taking my son to school, being the usually person I am, finally got around experimenting with startbound and my mod, and though "Their is so much in here, what more could I possibly do?" then I realised I was missing some art work @Sparklink made for me a while ago, so with all most everything put together, excellent artwork now added, its finally time to come back to do some patch ups...

    Nothing has change...
  10. Playing Catch-up (Again)

    Oh man, I really need to get my priorities straight, I do one thing over another and what not, man, anyway, some new changes, if you dont like em, say, if not, like the mod ;)
    Added new radio messages for:-
    * When collecting a diamond
    * For crafting the Diamontine
    * For crafting the Factory building station
    * For collecting your first Amythyrium
    Added colour text to Empowered stones
    moved "Learnrecipeonpickup" from Diamontine to Factory Building Station
    Added an...