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Hunting+ Wildfire v2.3.14

An overhaul to the hunting aspect of the game.

  1. Hunting Spear Fix

    • Hunting Spears should be fixed now
  2. Bow Fix

    • Fixed "blueprint" errors with bows (hopefully)
  3. Fixes and Tweaks

    • New characters will now start with 26 climbing rope in their shiplocker
    • Fixed collections UI
    • Removed Ancient Battery conversion recipe
    • Minor changes to legendary bows
    • Supper incompatibility fixes (You will likely have to re-craft any pets you had to completely remove possible errors, you can always /admin and craft it that way so it uses no materials)
  4. Fixes

    • Fixed icon override for the vanilla collection (My bad, forgot to delete the original image I edited)
    • Fixed missing item errors
  5. Collection UI tweaks & Atmospheric Critters crossover content Fix

    • Visual tweaks to the new collection UI (Now matches the item that opens it as compared to the normal gray)
    • Fix for Atmospheric Critters crossover content
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  6. Hotfix

    • I uploaded the wrong version for the download in the last update, this is the actual 2.3.9 version
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  7. Minor tweaks and Minor FU Addon Update

    • Changes to the title screen
    • Minor sprite changes

    FU Addon (Download in Mod Overview Page & Mod Discussion Page)
    • Changes to the title screen
    • Changes to the collection UI
  8. Custom Collection(s) Tweak

    • Added a new active item that opens a custom collections interface to avoid needing to override and mess with the vanilla interface (A new character will start with it in their ship locker, existing characters can craft it in the [C] crafting menu)
  9. Armor Augment Fix

    • Fixed armor with augment slots not displaying and working properly
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  10. Final Mission/Dungeon Improvements and Halloween Event Over

    • Added new Tier 6 shield
    • Final mission/dungeon changes
      • Improved performance
      • Improved quest direction
      • Added a new cutscene during the boss fight
      • Misc other improvements
    • Halloween event
      • Monsters will no longer drop souls
      • Jack O' Pumpkin seeds are no longer available at the Terramart
      • Recipes have been disabled
      • Note: You will not lose any items/objects you crafted (unless the mod is installed of course), you...