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Hunting+ Wildfire v2.3.15

An overhaul to the hunting aspect of the game.

  1. Fleeing Wild Farm Animals and Bug Fixes

    • Cooked Ham and Cooked Rib Meat now heal you for the same amount as Living Root Salve
    • Made Mythical Pet: Dire Wolf craftable on the tier 1 anvil like it should have been
    • Increased Mythical Pet health
    • Reduced Living Root cost for crafting Mythical pets
    • Wild Farm Animals will now attempt to flee when attacked
    • Wild Elemental Fluffalo are now a little more dangerous to get close to
    • Upped chance for wild elemental fluffalos to drop their elemental item
    • Fixed Trictus' vanilla bug where it can't aim at the target (Thanks to ManicRykker ["Pandora's Box" mod] for telling me how they did it)
    • Changed Living Root Salve recipe to only require 1 Living Root per salve
    • You now have a chance to find Living Root Salve in chests
    • Upped energy usage of hunting pistols, revolvers, and rifles
    • Reduced Static Cell cost for hunting pistols
    • Removed the ability to craft Static Cells on races that were able to. You'll need to farm them or hunt them down again!
    • Tier 5 and Tier 6 Melee and Ranged weapon appearances were altered
    • Fixed Copper Throwing Spear recipe to use planks like all other throwing spear recipes
    • Copper Throwing Spear is only craftable at an anvil again (Makeshift is still available with bare hands)
    • Removed the ability to buy leather at the Infinity Express
    • Changed Leather- and Pelt-Laden shields to require Tungsten instead of Iron
    • You can now buy Hive Bombs from the Terramart after clearing the Floran mission (The swarm they cause upon breaking will yield the same loot as a tier 3 trap if it kills a monster)
      • Can later be upgraded to yield tier 6 trapping loot
    • Orbide now drops a new crafting ingredient (Used to upgrade Hive Bombs at tier 6)
    • Made "merchant" buying/selling actually instant
    • Fixed crash due to missing cellmateriaMaterialHarvest pool
    • Added flying mini bosses (they will appear in any biome and in the atmosphere)
    • Upped the chance of a mini boss spawning slightly
    • Fixed the inability to ever learn the Capture Cannon recipe
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