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Hunting+ Wildfire v2.3.15

An overhaul to the hunting aspect of the game.

  1. Halloween event discontinued, Hunting+ Wildfire is splitting into two mods

    • Fixed glow coral grapple hook not unlocking correctly after crafting a manipulator addon
    • Fixed tier 6 melee poison effect not yielding the correct drops when it kills a monster
    • Hunting+ Wildfire has been officially separated to a different mod while this one gets renamed 'Intergalactic Wilds'. This version:
      • Will not receive any holiday events
      • Will not receive any irrelevant updates (as it will stay part of this mod - any updates to Hunting+ Wildfire will be in Intergalactic Wilds, but not vise versa])
      • Does not include new monsters
      • Does not include new critters
      • Does not include hostile critters
      • Does not include hostile critter spawns on any planets
      • Does not include critter cages (or the merchant that buys them)
      • Does not include the critter collection
      • Does not include the weaponized bug net
      • Does not include the tesla trapping knife
      • Does not include tier 8 weapons/traps/armor/etc
      • Does not include any new codices
      • Does not include the new endgame mission
      • All other features will still be included (and although the above list is lengthy, there is still a lot in it)
      • Is recommended for those with many (or large) mods as well as inexperienced players.
      • Is EXTREMELY NOT RECOMMENDED to be ran alongside this mod - you have been warned, any errors you face will not be my fault.
    • Halloween Event
      • Disabled the ability to craft the event items/objects
      • Disabled the ability to buy Jack O Pumpkin seeds from the Terramart
      • NOTE: No items will be deleted, so you can freely sell or keep whatever ones you may have gotten
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