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Hull Plating Blocks & More 35.0 (Concrete Tileset)

Blocks that resemble parts from ship backgrounds, plus some other odds and ends.

  1. Should Have Called It Mucus Block

    Well, I was staring at the picture for the Cell Materia crafting item, trying to figure out what to make of it. Then it hit me suddenly: it looks like something gooey and organic was slapped into a wall.

    So, I made a block that looks vaguely like mucus out of it. It's slightly transparent with little tendrils that stick out off the sides. And it's paint-able. Don't forget to try that out.

    You can buy the blueprint from the Terramart for 50 pixels and craft it at a Crafting Table....
  2. More Blueprints For Sale!

    This update modifies the racial and ship blocks, so their recipes are now learned by purchasing blueprints from the Outpost's Terramart, similar to what the previous update did for Gemspark.

    The derived blocks (trim, platform, column) are still learned by holding the block they're derived from.

    The prices (in pixels) are as follows:
    50 for Ship Door Frame, Ship Hatch Frame or Ship Engine Block.
    75 for any Heat Sink.
    100 for any Hull Plating, Striped Wall or Wall Panel.
    250 for any Gemspark.
  3. Gemspark Blueprints For Sale!

    I'm excited to announce that this update now has Gemspark blueprints being sold at the Outpost's Terramart, instead of the blocks themselves. You no longer learn these recipes by holding the blocks.

    You can expect other similar changes in the near future, mostly to the racial ship blocks sold at the Terramart.
    Hull Plating Blocks (Gemspark Blueprints).jpg
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  4. Leather Blocks, Anyone?

    This update adds a single block: Leather Block. You can learn the recipe by holding a piece of Leather. You can then craft it from a piece of Leather at a Crafting Table.

    Here's the new demo/sampler image for the overview page (Leather on the right side):
    Hull Plating Blocks (Special Blocks).jpg
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  5. Anyone Wanna Build a Ship Out of Monsters?

    This update adds a series of blocks made from Hardened Monster Plate. You learn their recipes by holding a piece of Hardened Monster Plate.

    Personally, I find the gooey red bits on the edges slightly disturbing, but perhaps it's just glue or something, rather than left-over gore from the dead monsters. Yeah, that must be it. Anyway, it might look good next to Flesh Blocks.

    Here's some new demo/sampler images for the overview page (Monster blocks on the left side of the first):...
  6. Core Fragment Blocks

    This update adds a complete set of Core Fragment Ore derived blocks.

    Personally, I think this set looks like steel that's been heated to red-hot temperatures.

    Here's the new demo/sampler image for the overview page (Core stuff on the left edge):
    Hull Plating Blocks (Ore-Derived).jpg
  7. More Cardboard Blocks

    This update adds new blocks to complement the Cardboard Sheet block. These would be Column, Striped Wall, Platform, Trim and Wall Panel.

    They're all made from Cardboard Sheet and are learned by holding a Cardboard Sheet.

    Here's the new demo/sampler image for the overview page (cardboard on the left):
    Hull Plating Blocks (Ore-Derived).jpg
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  8. UFO Recipe Bugfix

    I inadvertently left out a pair of very important recipes for making UFO Hull Plating.

    This update fixes that.
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  9. UFO Blocks (a.k.a. Dreadwing Ship Blocks)

    I found another ship in the game's assets and decided to make tiles based on it. It's the UFO boss, so technically not actually a ship, but whatever.

    This update adds a complete set of tiles that should look at least somewhat like Dreadwing's UFO. They're at least using the same color scheme, anyway. I copied as much of the ship as I reasonably could, but some things had to be modified.

    The recipes are learned by holding a piece of Dreadwing's Wreckage. They're also crafted from it at...
  10. Added Missing 2K Voxel Block

    This update adds a single new block: 2K Voxel Block. I didn't add it in the previous release, because I hadn't yet decided what it should look like.

    Here's the new demo/sampler image for the overview (new block in the center):
    Hull Plating Blocks (Money Blocks).jpg
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