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Hull Plating Blocks & More 35.0 (Concrete Tileset)

Blocks that resemble parts from ship backgrounds, plus some other odds and ends.

  1. Some Engines For Your Ship?

    This update adds new objects known as Booster Engines (the rocket-like things on the tails of ships) in two sizes and Thrusters (the smaller engines on the bottom of ships).

    This update only adds racial engines. I'm planning ore-derived engines for the next update and the one after that should be for the wacky tilesets.

    Not every race has both small and large Booster Engines. Some only have one or the other, but all races have Thrusters. The UFO set only has thrusters, because UFOs are...
  2. Few More Lockers and Some Updated Art

    This is a very small update that adds a few new storage lockers based on the Glitch shop signs (not the Inn sign, however) and it updates some of the art for ore storage lockers to match their much better looking ship lockers, now that they're done.

    The Violium and Spring lockers got their art completely re-made from scratch. Aegisalt and Platinum were re-done to make them look less washed-out and/or increase the contrast. gold got re-done, but almost no one is likely to notice the...
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  3. Now for That Truly Gold Ship, eh?

    This release completes the ship furniture sets for all ores, adds a complete glass ship furniture set (with Ship in a Box objects for sale), a glass remote teleporter and a few biome-specific storage lockers (Garden, Alpine and Mushroom). I also properly updated the treasure tables for the random boxes to include all the newest stuff.

    Finally, there's a few things in the mod with updated art (some storage lockers, some iron ship furniture, etc), to bring it in line with some of my more...
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  4. Complete Wacky Ship Furniture Sets and More

    First, I added some dungeon-object based storage lockers that I realized I needed while reorganizing my base.

    Then I got busy with adding some new remote teleporters to match many of the tilesets added by this mod. They should be for sale from the Outpost's teleporter shop.

    I shortened the names for many of the items that weren't displaying correctly in crafting lists. Gemspark is still unfixed, because I see no way to shorten those names as of yet.

    Finally, I got really busy with...
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  5. Storage Lockers for Nearly Every Occasion

    I confess, I went a little crazy building more than 150 new variations of Storage Locker (I wanted more purpose-built lockers). There's quite a few for blocks, then there's liquids, biomes, ore-derived, guns, etc, etc, etc. There's new plans for sale in the second version of the catalog covering these. All built from the robotic crafting table. I hid a couple small easter eggs inside the lockers as a little surprise for those that look closely at them as they open and close. One is...
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  6. Really Huge Update

    This update brings a massive number of changes. The most important of which are Pleased Giraffe compatibility (I hope; I'm currently off the internet and building this on Upbeat Giraffe, but I've had some helpful testers) and a completely new way of learning recipes for the blocks in this mod.

    To start out, you'll need to build an Instant Mail Catalog from a Teleporter Core and wood, plus optionally some diamonds at a crafting table or the Research Station for the Large Catalog.

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  7. Ever Want to Paint a TV Screen?

    This update adds a single block: Video Screen Block, which looks like a blank video screen of some kind.

    It can be painted, glows very slightly, is automatically available (the game stubbornly refused to allow this one to be made into a blueprint; I've no idea why) and is made from 1 Plastic hull Plating, 1 Glass Block and 1 Circuit Board at the Wiring Station.

    This one is tailor made for pixel art with the paint tool. Here's a quick doodle I made to demonstrate:...
  8. Ship Engine Blocks, Now With More Paint!

    This update adds the ability to paint Ship Engine Blocks. It also changed the light it emits to a pure white, because the painted versions looked terrible under blue light.

    Hull Plating Blocks (Painted Engine Blocks).jpg
  9. Wibbily Wobbily Gelatin and Some Glowing Cobblestone

    This update adds a new crafting item (Gelatin), made in the kitchen from Raw Steak, Bone or Leather. The blueprint is purchased at the Outpost's Terramart. Oddly enough, holding said blueprint teaches you how to make Gelatin into blocks. It was supposed to be holding the Gelatin itself, but I don't think I can properly fix that. Either will work, but most will hold the blueprint first.

    Gelatin can be made into blocks by adding Water, Healing Water or Poison to it. The Water and Healing...
  10. More Monster Blocks

    This release adds two new blocks: Monster Segmented Hull and Monster Scale Hull. They're learned by holding a piece of Hardened Monster Plate and made from Monster Hull Plating at a Crafting Table.

    This release is the first to require external hosting for the mod's files, so let me know if there's any trouble downloading.

    Here's the new demo/sampler image for the overview page (monster blocks on the left):
    Hull Plating Blocks (Wacky).jpg