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Hull Plating Blocks & More 35.0 (Concrete Tileset)

Blocks that resemble parts from ship backgrounds, plus some other odds and ends.

  1. Like a Bedazzler, But With Bloodshot Eyes!

    This update adds more tools to tack material modifiers onto blocks. All made at the Metalwork Station/Replicator.

    First is the Rubium Eye Tool, to add those lovely bloodshot eyes to your blocks. Learned from the Ore Trim Plans

    The rest are a series of tools to add gemstones to your blocks. Learned from the Gemspark Plans.

    Here's another face drawn with material modifiers (This one has tanzanite earrings, woo!):
    Hull Plating Blocks (Material Modifiers 4).jpg
  2. Now to Trim That Gold Ship?

    This update adds a series of trim tools to match the ore-derived tilesets. They're all learned from the Ore Trim Plans.

    Here's a face I drew with them, using the carbon fiber, copper, gold and cerulium trim tools:
    Hull Plating Blocks (Material Modifiers 3).jpg
  3. More Trim Tools and Other Decorative Tools

    This release includes a number of new block decorating tools, including Trim Tools for Gemspark and the Wacky blocks. With the exception of the Rivet Tools (see below), these are learned from the same Plans that will teach you Trim blocks for any given tileset.

    Of special note are the Spring Flowers Tool and the two Hull Rivet Tools.

    The Spring Flowers Tool adds a random color (red/blue/yellow) of flower, to any block it's used on.

    The Hull Rivet Tools add rivets to blocks (the corner...
  4. Ship Trim, as I Originally Wanted It

    To start with, this version (31.0) is an experimental release, because I need some volunteers to go out and try some really odd stuff for me, that may crash the game. Please backup your data before you play with this release. More on the experiment(s) after I explain the new features.

    The current stable release is also still available from the same page you get re-directed to for downloads.

    This release adds a series of "Trim Tool" items and a "Brass Pipe Tool" item that are used to...
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  5. Apex Ship Platform Now Fixed

    I didn't know this until today, but they added an "Apex Ship Platform" to the game in Pleased Giraffe. It used the same file and item names as mine. Ouch!

    So, I had to change the item name, which is going to cause any of them you've got stored or carried before installing to change into the vanilla platform, I think.

    The material name and ID were different, however, so existing builds will be unaffected.

    You will have to grab your Racial Ship Platform Plans, however, to re-learn the recipe.
  6. Anybody Need a Proper Window for Their Ship?

    This update adds a single block: Ship Window. It's just a bit of framed glass, resembling the tiny portholes on Starbound's default ships. It's designed so that wall panel of any kind wraps around it quite nicely.

    I would recommend always using it in rectangular shapes.

    You can learn the recipe by holding either the Ore Hull Plans or the Ship Part Plans. It's made at the stone furnace from glass and steel.

    Here's the demo/sampler image with and example (second block below the glass...
  7. Fixed Z-Level On Most Blocks

    This update fixes a small graphical glitch, affecting the rendering order of blocks.

    I noticed after the update to Pleased Giraffe that Glass was painting it's borders over the top of some of my blocks, so today I finally got around to investigating. As it turns out, they altered the Z-Level on nearly every block in the game.

    So, to fix it, I had to go through and adjust nearly every block in this mod. Seemed like a waste of time, to me, but things should look more like they used to,...
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  8. The Final Touch for That Gold Ship?

    I'm really happy to announce the addition of ore-themed engines for your ship-building needs.

    You can obtain these by ordering a "Ship In A Box" item, from the Instant Mail Catalog, just like the racial engines. From there you can scan and 3D print as many of them as you need.

    Took me far longer to finish these than I'd intended. Being sick is no fun!

    Here's the new demo/sampler images for the engines (had to split it up into two!):
    Hull Plating Blocks (Ore Engines A).jpg
    Hull Plating Blocks (Ore Engines B).jpg
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  9. Finished Moving Recipes For Now

    The big move in this release is to make Core Fragment blocks made from the Anvil/Metalwork Station/Replicator.

    There's a few other misc. blocks, like stone and crystal variants that were moved in a similar fashion, a few of which I missed when moving things yesterday.

    I'm done moving recipes around for the time being.
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  10. Redistibuted Many Block Recipes to Different Stations

    Due to the recent large number of requests for a Hull Plating crafting station for making the blocks in this mod, I've re-arranged the crafting stations that many of the blocks are made at. This should at least somewhat alleviate the problem of too many items appearing in the list for crafting tables.

    I'm not adding new crafting stations for making the blocks in this mod. Please stop asking. There should be a crafting station for the Storage Lockers at some point in the future, just as...