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Hull Plating Blocks & More 35.0 (Concrete Tileset)

Blocks that resemble parts from ship backgrounds, plus some other odds and ends.

  1. For That Extra Special Bunker of Your Dreams?

    This update adds a new set of tiles on a concrete theme, including all the usual bits, such as columns, wall panel, etc., but with rebar blocks in the place of trim. There's also a tool to add rebar over the top of existing blocks.

    To learn these new blocks (and tool), you'll have to buy the Construction Plans from any of the Instant Mail Catalogs.

    Here's the new demo/sampler images (concrete on the left):
    Hull Plating Blocks (Wacky).jpg
    Hull Plating Blocks (Material Modifiers).jpg
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  2. Range Limited Material Modifier Tools

    This makes one smallish change to the Lua script for all material modifier tools. The tools now use a range limit that's more or less the same as the Matter Manipulator by default.

    Cue booing and hissing from the people using these tools to ghost material modifiers in from off their friend's screen.
  3. Glad Giraffe Fixes and More

    Since I made multiple releases during the forum outage, I'll list those changes in order:

    This was the Trim Tool Hot Fix, where I re-built all of the trim tools so they could work on Glad Giraffe. They're now roughly 10x faster and far less buggy, but for the moment, I haven't quite gotten around to limiting their range. I also gave many of them new sounds in the process.

    This was the Audio Hot Fix for Glad Giraffe that switched every...
  4. For Your Graffiti Needs, Perhaps?

    This update adds a series of 13 spray paint tools, made at the Anvil/Metalwork Station/Replicator. They spray a messy, paint-like, very slightly transparent patch over the top of existing blocks. These are decorative material modifier tools, like many of the recent additions to the mod. They're learned by holding a set of Spring Ship Plans.

    The colors available are white, gray, black, red, orange, yellow, green, pink, brown, cyan, purple, sky blue, and blue. They're mostly made from the...
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  5. At Long Last, I Can Stop Editing Text Files For a Little While

    First, this update fixes the last of the material modifier tools to use the new beamaxe-based tool. This should make working with these tools more pleasant for all.

    Second, I updated the sound on the Rubium Eye tool, to make it use the same sound set as the Matter Manipulator. Sounds more like slapping a gooey eye on a wall to me. I fixed the sound on the Spring Flowers Tool, as well. When I rebuilt it with the new beamaxe tool, I failed to copy over it's sounds.

    Last of all, a little...
  6. Anybody Need a Fence?

    This update adds one new block: Chain Link Fence. You learn the recipe from the Ore Hull Plans and make it at the Metalwork Station or Replicator.

    Here's the new demo/sampler image (chain link fence on the far right, one foreground and one background):
    Hull Plating Blocks (Special Blocks).jpg
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  7. Sloped Glass Block

    As recently requested, I've added a Sloped Glass Block. you can learn the recipe by holding the alternate Ore Hull Plans.

    I was sick of editing trim tool files, so I had to take a break to do something else.

    Here's the new demo/sample image and a screenshot of a gold ship I built to put on the overview page:
    Hull Plating Blocks (Wacky).jpg
    Hull Plating Blocks (Gold Ship).jpg
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  8. Wacky and Gemstone Tool Fixes

    This update switches the wacky and gemstone material modifiers over to using the new matter manipulator derived tool.

    That just leaves the gemspark and ore trim, with possibly a few extra bits here and there to be switched over to the new tool variant.
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  9. UFO Material Modifiers

    I noticed while adding a new section to my demo/sampler site on my home planet that I was missing tools for UFO material modifiers, so I added them. Sorry I overlooked those.

    I also stumbled on a bug that was causing one of the macrochip blocks to render incorrectly, so I fixed that. It was accidentally introduced when I was fixing the Z-Levels on blocks.

    Now for what I spent half the night building, the new demo/sampler image for material modifiers (They're all on Rivetless Human Hull...
  10. Material Modifier and Tool Fixes

    The first change for this release is that the various material modifier tools should no longer remove existing Hull Plating material modifiers on the first strike. This will allow you to hold down the mouse button and place material modifiers much more quickly. However, this means you'll have to whip out something else (Matter Manipulator, for example) to fix any mistakes you make. Since that's just like placing blocks, I see this as no issue.

    The second change is that I've re-worked the...