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Historical Armor and Clothing 1.25

Provides a bunch of vanity items inspired by actual historical armaments and clothes.

  1. Some new armour sets

    - Gloved versions of the tunic (6 items)
    - Lorica Segmenata with gallic helmet (6 items)
    - Lamellar armour (4 items)
    - Gambeson (5 items)

    I also took the liberty of reworking the pauldrons (shoulderpads) of the Kastenbrust to make them a bit bigger.
  2. Loads of new hat items.

    There in total 36 new hat items.

    - Armets with plume and different visors (11 items)
    - Bascinets with chain aventail and different visors (5 items)
    - Standalone chain aventail
    - Great helmets with bands, cloaks and two winged versions (17 items)
    - Chaperon
    - Gugel

    i also edited the previously added sprites for the regular armet and the standard bascinet as well.


    1. 211820_20210714104448_1.png
    2. 211820_20210713161001_1.png
    3. 211820_20210715145756_1.png
  3. More additions

    19 new items have been added (see rightmost picture in the gallery) and icons of several existing items have been improved.

    - Rapiers placed on the character's waist, suggested by Temkis_remd | HM (4 items)
    - Swords placed on the waist (4 items)
    - Battle axes placed on the waist (3 items)
    - Various empty scabbards (4 items)
    - Coifs (2 items)
    - Collars (2 items)


    1. 211820_20210710185128_1.png
  4. A quick fix.

    Fixed a crash to Desktop when selecting the "Back items"-tab of The Historical Workbench and a few inconsistencies regarding item descriptions and icons.
  5. A bunch of new back items.

    20 new back items have been added to the workbench!

    - Two variants of a halberd (6 items)
    - Zweihänder (4 items)
    - Battle axe (3 items)
    - Sword in a scabbard (2 items)
    - Kite shields (2 items)
    - Round shields (2 items)
    - Buckler
  6. New items!

    16 new items have been added to the workbench!

    - Longskirts with four different patterns and belted variants (8 items total)
    - Surcoat (suggested by Gargoyleteeth) top and bottom pieces have been added with belted versions and variants with which you can dye the undergarment beneath the surcoat (8 items total)


    1. 211820_20210630123036_1.png