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Hemp+ v0.14.2

Wanna grow your own weed farm? Now you can!

  1. Hand Grinders, Bugfixes

    Now you can craft a Hand Grinder, which you can fill then grind for the bud, and some hash.
    Can be done for every strain, including generic ones.
    Recipe for the hand grinder is at the Synthesis Table, and filling your grinder is done by hand. The filled grinder is then used (like a Reward Bag), and you get the Hand Grinder back, plus more or less the same amount of weed as doing it with the Grinder object, and some hash. (I'll remove the silly sound and change the particles to green embers or something next update.

    Screenshot_5.png Screenshot_6.png

    Close button on Synthesis Table now works
    Now able to craft multiple of an item on the Synthesis Table
    Indica Bud BG now clear instead of black
    Rolling Paper moved to the correct tab
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