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Hemp+ v0.13

Wanna grow your own weed farm? Now you can!

  1. bigblacknoodles
    Version: v0.13
    where is the dispensary or its coordinates??
  2. blackpigeon23
    Version: v0.13
    You are doing the ganga lords work, my friend, fux the other reviewers here, this is amazing, me and my friends have been getting bank and smokin good. Thanks for this mod bro!
  3. citharus
    Version: v0.13
  4. _Dandion_
    Version: v0.10.3
    It's a rather funny mod, and a good, funny idea, but is it possible to add some wobbly visuals after u smoke? Or something like that. No actual point to use them, exept "yeeeee, legal weed in starbound", basicly they are just retextured stims. Still good and made me laugh, and has an interesting idea about different types of weed, but still - would be better with visuals.
    1. SkyeTheTerribleBeastie
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the input! Yeah, I have no idea how one would even go about having modified visuals, or if that's even possible within Starbound's coding limitations- but if it is, I'd be adding it post-v1.0.
  5. SollyW
    Version: 0.8
    Weed in Starbound? Made me laugh, but no thanks